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All Things Pink

All Things Color Series: All Things Pink. In this post I will talk about the color pink and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #Pink

All Things Color Series: All Things Pink. In this post I will talk about the color pink and how it is mentioned in the Bible and what the color means. #Pink

All Things Pink

All Things Pink

Soft Color

When we think about the color pink we may think of a soft color.

All Things Pink! This blog post is all about the color pink. #Pink

Amoxicillin Bubble Gum Medicine

We may think of bubble gum or even that pink stuff we took as a child, the antibiotic, Amoxicillin.


Even some candy like bubble gum is pink. Remember that hard stick of gum that came in a package of baseball cards?

Baby Girl

Maybe even think of pink when someone is having a baby girl! Of even a girl color. While on the other hand, blue is for baby boy and boys color.

Pink Ribbon

Others might think about the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon. When I worked at ADT in the scheduling department, they had a pink day in October 2012. So I dressed up in pink. I got best dressed in pink in my department. I even decorated my team supervisors’ desk with pink stuff. You can see that picture of me in pink below. I had on my Lady Vols t-shirt I got from going to a Lady Vol Basketball game. Read more about the The Pink Ribbon!

As they say, Real Men Wear Pink!

All Things Pink - Steve Best Dressed in Pink

The Pink Ribbon | Breast Cancer Awareness

Below are the responses I got when I asked people on Facebook this questions.
When you think about the color Pink what do you think about?

  1. October/Breast Cancer Awareness
  2. Plexus Slim the pink drink!
  3. My Wife’s Pink Socks
  4. Passion and Love
  5. Prim Rose, girls, bows, tutu, blush, cat noses, puppy noses, pigs, and Piglet from Pooh
  6. Baby Girls
  7. Nicole
  8. My Favorite Color
  9. Mary Kay make-up

Jelly Bean Prayer

In the Jelly Bean Prayer The Color pink represents thew new tomorrow. (See below)
PINKis for the new tomorrow.

Jelly Bean Prayer Printable – Jelly Bean Gospel – Printable

Number of times used in the Bible

So I used to look up how many times the word “Pink” is used in the Bible. Below is the number of times.

New King James Version (NKJV) – not found
King James Version (KJV) – not found
New International Version (NIV) – not found
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) – not found
English Standard Version (ESV) – not found

Just like in All Things Orange, the color pink was not found. Maybe they associated pink as a shade of red perhaps?

Lexicons for Pink

The same applies for Lexicons. There was no Lexicons found for the color or word pink. So Pink is not used in the Bible.


| Black | Orange | White | Red | Blue | Yellow | Purple | Green | Pink | Teal

First published July 11, 2016. Last updated/republished October 2, 2018.

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