Oikos Not the Yogurt!

Oikos Not the Yogurt! You might think of yogurt but did you know the word in Greek has a different meaning? Family! #Oikos #Family

Oikos Not the Yogurt!

This Weeks Theological Tuesday is about the Greek Word Oikos. I don’t mean the yogurt most of know about. But I am here to tell you it is something else in the Bible … Family! As in the Family of God.

This word uses the Eco- prefix to mean ecology or economics. Three related but distinct concepts such as Family, Family’s Property or The House. Oikos is Greek: οἶκος, plural: οἶκοι. Pronounced /oi’-kos/. Strongs G3624.  Which Strong’s even shares the meaning can convey House of God or even the Family of God. The usage occurs 114 times in 106 verses in the Greek concordance of the King James Version (KJV).  Note this is Greek, so it will only occur in the New Testament.

My wife told me it reminds her of the Song, Family of God. “I’m glad I’m in the family of God.”

As a YEC volunteer, we got this one shirt to go with one of the lessons. However, this blog post isn’t notes or that for that lesson. I decided to come up with my own. This is from the 2018 YEC. #YEC2018

We are born into the Family of God, as in being born again. Prior to being born again we were illegitimate children of Satan. Being Born Again isn’t anything we do, but done through the work of Jesus Christ. He is the one that saves. We cannot save ourselves. This born again makes us adopted into that wonderful Family of God. (Galatians 4:4-7 and Ephesians 1:5-6).

As children of God we inherit eternal life with Christ in Heaven.

I am so glad we have a Heavenly Father that will never leave us, nor forsake us. He is always there for us and with us.

So when you see that yogurt in the store, let it remind you about being a part of the Family of God!


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