Advice from a Bear

Advice from a Bear – Here is a cool bookmark I saw at a gift store. This bookmark goes over advice a bear might give.

Advice from a Bear

I believe I saw this at the Cumberland Gap Visitors center. Here is the list of advice the bear would give. This bear gives seven good tips.

1. Live Large

2. Climb Beyond Your Limitations

3. When life gets hairy, grin and bear it.

4. Eat well.

5. Live with the seasons.

6. Take a Good Long Nap.

7. Look after your honey!

By Your True Nature

Advice from a Bear Bookmark

Of course that is just advice from a bear, well the imagination of someone trying to think like a bear. But, I thought it was cool enough to share since I do live in Black Bear Country area with the Smoky Mountains near me.

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