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More than 220,000 Valentines were sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

More than 220,000 Valentines were sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Spreading love to these children that are in the hospital this Valentine’s Day 2018.

More than 220,000 Valentines were sent to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

For now the sending of Valentine’s Day Cards is closed, but you can do one for Super Hero Cards. These greetings came from all around the world. You could pick of 3 designs and someone printed them out and it had your first name and location on them. I believe that most people couldn’t believe that many Valentine’s came in. Thanks for sharing love to these children. (You can also send an E-Card as well).

“Valentines have arrived from across the world, including six continents, 114 countries and all 50 states,” said Liz Smith, manager of annual giving at Cincinnati Children’s. “We are so very thankful to everyone for their thoughtfulness.”

Check back each year just before Valentine’s Day and they may do the Valentines E-cards again.

It’s amazing, that More than 222,000 Valentines were given out. I read that a Tweet asking people to do this, went viral and now you can see the results. This tweet came from an Eastern Kentucky teenager.

Usually this hospital gives out a few thousand e-cards a year … so you can see a big difference that one tweet made.
Five-year-old Cohen Bramlee is spending Valentine’s Day as an inpatient at the hospital. He got a huge smile on his face when organizers delivered a stack of valentines to his room.

It’s amazing,” said Carrie Bramlee, Cohen’s mom. “In the hospital, it can feel lonely at times. So it’s incredible to think there are people outside thinking about us and want to spend their time to send a little note to us.”

If you didn’t do the Valentine’s Day Cards, you can do a Super Hero Cards to allow these children to know they are being thought of.

Let’s also be sure to keep these children in our prayers too.

More than 222,000 valentines were sent to Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Photo from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

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