Sin City

If we’re living in the world we’re living in Sin City. And I’m not talking about Sin City in Las Vegas, NV. But it could be a good example of Sin City. Sin City is just basically living in open sin without fear of God or repentance. No one is ashamed or blushed at sin just like it seems to be in this city in Nevada. They believe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Same why people believe what happens in Sin stays in sin. Or that nobody else will know. I have never been to Vegas to know what it is like, but you hear all the stories.

Sin City
Sin City

Our world is slowly turning into a Sin World, where’s Sin City will be open everywhere. No one will have remorse or shame. Sin City is full of sex, drugs, alcohol, murder, idolatry, adultery, blasphemy … You name it, if it goes against God’s will its sin and your living in Sin City.

Jesus shares a story in the Bible about a boy, who ask his dad for his money, he took his money and paid a visit to Sin City. He realized how horrible it was where he is at and how much better it was at his Father’s place. So he goes back to his father. What does his father do? He gladly accepted him back and took care of him. Our Heavenly Father will do the same. If we are living in Sin City, then come back to Him. He will gladly accept us back.  Check out the story about the Prodigal Son or the Lost Son as some call it. See Luke 15:11-32

You may think that no one will know what you are doing or done in Sin City. I’m here to tell you our Heavenly Father is watching and he knows. As Christians we need to watch your actions watch what we get pleasure in. We cannot have pleasure in the world. That will just lead to destruction. We don’t have to go far, because one false step, we can land our self in Sin City.

Think it up this way would you want Jesus coming back finding you doing what you’re doing, being caught sinning? Yes, I know we all sin, but as Christians, we should strive to sin less, to be more Christ like. When we sin, we should feel major conviction and want to repent right away.

The good thing is no matter what you do God can forgive you but you must repent and turn away and not continue to try to sin.  Meaning we don’t have a license to sin. Repent also means a change of mind. Just like the Prodigal Son story that Jesus told us.

I beg you don’t live in Sin City. Again when I say Sin City I’m talking about living in sin. Come to repentance and come live in the Promised Land. Deny that flesh and take up your cross. If you find yourself in Sin City, then please pray, repent and turn away from that destructive place.

Also Read Ephesians 5:1-7; Ephesians 5:10-12 & plus the whole Espistle of 1 John (only 5 chapters).

This has been more food for thought.

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