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SIGCO Pray 2016 is calling all us to prayer.

PRAY 2016



“The Stand in the Gap Coalition” (SIGCO) movement was birthed out of prayer. It was inspired by the movie “An Appalachian Dawn”, a documentary about the transformation of the city of Manchester, in Clay County, Kentucky and how through repentance and prayer it was changed from a city of “Dope” to a city of “Hope”. This 2010 documentary inspired the gathering of approximately 8,000 people of the Tri-State areas of Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky to meet in the historic town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee to make a stand together in prayer because of the devastation that the drug epidemic was having on families and communities. There have been other prayer walks throughout the region, throughout the years, that have brought increased awareness of the scourge of drug/alcohol abuse and family violence in the community. These area wide efforts have brought unity of denominations of local churches and neighboring counties and states to “stand together” in prayer based on God’s word in 2 Chronicles 7:14.
After coming together and praying…

SIGCO Pray 2016

Praying Hands - SIGCO Pray 2016Are grandparents still raising grandchildren? Are some M.D’s still over-prescribing (aka medicine dealers) . Are people still struggling with addiction? Are large pharmaceutical companies still paying big names such as AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and TMA (Tennessee Medical Association ) to lobby legislation with millions of dollars to continue to allow Pseudoephedrine (PSE) to be distributed unchecked? PSE is the main ingredient use to manufacture Methamphetamine “METH”, which is an addictive poison that steals , kills and destroys individuals, youth, families and communities. Are jails and prisons still full of addicts and drug dealers? Are people still dying from drug overdose every day in this Nation? Does this Nation have laws that are against God’s laws? The answer to all these questions is YES. America’s foundation was built on Christian belief and values which made this land the greatest Country ever known. But, because we have turned from our Christian ways, we are suffering the symptoms of cursing and not the “blessings” we once knew.

Does that mean God is not hearing or answering the prayers of his followers? We learn in God’s Word that He does not always deliver his people (who are obedient) out of bad situations, but rather goes through it with them. For example, the three Hebrew children that were thrown into a fiery furnace because they stayed true to The Lord and his ways. Other’s found; when looking into the furnace, that they didn’t see three, but four people! The Lord was with them! They were not dead or even smelled of smoke when brought from the furnace! (See Daniel 3)

Additionally, every great move of God has been birthed out of prayer. One great example we find in the Word is the Exodus of the children of Israel out of Egypt who became enslaved there. Then in more recent years on American soil from 1740-1742, great revival began with the preaching of “Justification by Faith” by Jonathan Edwards in New England and climaxed with his famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” in 1741. The second great revival began in Kentucky in early 1800 where there were approximately 10,000 Christian converts. In 1857, there came “The Great Awakening” when three men of God in New York began to pray for revival, and, it spread from New York throughout the whole country to California to Ireland, Scotland, England, South Africa and India. Just like those faithful in the Holy Bible that we study, SIGCO is trusting that The Lord is with us and we will continue to be about his business until he comes to take us home!

Since SIGCO organized in the fall of 2010. The voluntary member organization has been involved with assisting drug rehabilitation needs, providing Anti-Drug information and education to local schools, etc. During 2015, Operation UNITE, sponsored by US Representative Hal Rogers, Kentucky, asked SIGCO to promote a “Free” Youth Drug Testing and Identification program called “Give Me A Reason” (GMAR). This is a “grass roots” program to give our youth leverage in saying NO to drugs. To date, SIGCO has placed over 2,500 kits throughout its region. SIGCO sponsors Christian jail ministry, provides applications for rehabilitation facilities, half-way homes and has provided “Angel Tree” gifts for children of inmates during the Christmas Season. SIGCO has hosted other beneficial organizational trainings, such as the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network (TSPN).

During January 2016, SIGCO will host the 3rd annual Tri-State Law Enforcement meeting which brings together top Multi-Level Law Enforcement Officers from across county and state lines, that have purposed an effort to communicate and work together to identify, and arrest “Rings” of people who manufacture and traffic Illicit and Illegal Drugs across our Tri-State lines. This annual meeting promotes a great opportunity for our Tri-State Law Enforcement Officials to network their respective areas of responsibility. Notable “Drug Enforcement” cases have been facilitated in recent years as a result of this meeting.

SIGCO is known in Tennessee’s State Capitol building in Nashville for their efforts to seek legislation for requiring appropriate and responsible prescriptions for medicines containing Pseudoephedrine (PSE).

The eleven county and Tri-State Coalition undertakes regular quarterly meetings to draw well known speakers to inform volunteers and individual County leaders about current drug trends, and efforts to combat them. The coalition pulls individual County efforts together in order to offer education, pass SIGCO information, and be advocates for law enforcement, local judges and our state legislative groups. Check your local paper for next meeting time or contact the SIGCO office.

At the December 2015 SIGCO quarterly meeting, Dr. Leah Cobb Snodgrass, MD, Lincoln Memorial University professor and local practicing Child Psychiatrist, one of the speakers, presented facts and trends regarding school children of our local region. Dr. Snodgrass highlighted one of the most effective programs for school aged children, which unfortunately is least used and minimally funded, “preventative programs” for school age children, beginning in the first or second grade. She stated, “we must at all cost save our next generation.” Dr. Snodgrass has recently initiated efforts to create a “Boys and Girls Club of America” in Bell County, Kentucky to promote healthy, educational and progressive opportunities for youth in the local area. Another speaker and long time member of the coalition from Hawkins/ Hancock counties, with the “Of One Accord Ministries”, Rev. Sheldon Livesay gave information about anti-drug clubs that they are starting in some of their public schools, along with information about a former attorney Doug Tweed, who being led by God is now a pastor in Kingsport, TN, who is asking people to participate in “The Watchmen Prayer Network” by initiating a 24/7/365 hour of prayer commitment covering the Tri-State region. For more information on this call to prayer, go to , or go to the link on the SIGCO website.

In January 2016, the “Decision America Tour (DAT) 2016 commenced at the State Capitol in Iowa by the Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham. DAT 2016 was introduced at the SIGCO December quarterly meeting as another opportunity for Christians of all communities and organizations to get involved throughout America to “Pray, Engage, and Vote” during 2016. Rev. Franklin Graham will conduct State Capitol “Rallies” at all fifty (50) states before years end in promoting and calling for Christians to exercise their “Christian Responsibilities” to guide and direct a better path for America. SIGCO is communicating with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) to help promote the Decision America Tour 2016 throughout our Tri-State area. Future rally dates will be promoted by SIGCO as they become available. Everyone has been encouraged to review and register for DAT 2016 information on the Internet Google site:

We invite everyone to join us every 1st Tuesday of each month for an hour of prayer at the SIGCO office 502 Pennlyn Ave., Cumberland Gap, TN from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. If you can’t come, then pray where you are that we as a nation will turn back to God and that we will abolish the laws that go against His teachings. Jesus stood in the Gap. We, the People, are called to follow Him to be lights in a dark world, to be stewards of our local lands, and to be witnesses of The Truth.

God Answers Prayers (GAP). Stand in the Gap for Our Land, Communities and Peoples!

Everyone is encouraged to review the website, to see the many community involvements that SIGCO promotes. To find out how you can be a part, email the SIGCO office at s[email protected] or send mail to PO BOX 539, Cumberland Gap, TN 37724 or call at 423-300-1302. Please contact us to get involved, come and represent your church, school or place of employment or send someone. In 2016 let us run with patience the race that is set before us.

There is room for YOU to “Stand in the Gap”.
Article compliments of SIGCO.

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