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National Roller Coaster Day

National Roller Coaster Day – day for those adrenaline people who love to rides roller coasters. #RollerCoasterDay

National Roller Coaster Day

I like to ride roller coasters. The Wild Eagle at Dollywood I believe is one of my most favorite ones. It is a very smooth and fast ride. So take this time and hit up your favorite amusement park and ride the roller coasters!

Roller coasters are a staple of amusement parks, and even though the first patent for a roller coaster was issued to LaMarcus Thompson in 1885, it’s believed modern roller coasters descended from winter sled rides made popular in the 17th century in St. Petersburg, Russia. Called “Russian Mountains,” these thrill rides took place on icy hills that may have reached as high as 200 feet in the air.1

National Roller Coaster Day

This day is held annually on August 16. It got started in 1986 by a national newspaper proclamation.

The first roller coaster in America is believed to have opened at Coney Island on June 16, 1884.

There are all kinds of roller coasters. Wooden and traditional metal. There are even water roller coasters too.

Some go upside down. Some go fast and others slow.

I remember when we did the Colossal Coaster World VBS, one of the youths lessons mentioned about a roller coaster called No Way Out. (It went backwards in the total dark).

A roller coaster runs on rails similar to a train.

1. Compliments of MetroCreative

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