Meet Lazarus

Meet Lazarus! No not guy from the Bible but this precious kitten that was rescued from the freezing cold snow.

Thanksgiving of 2015, this one young kitten was found buried in snow by this one family, the Binghams. The night before Thanksgiving that year in Bear Lake in Garden City, Utah almost a foot of snow fell.


Meet Lazarus! | Photo Branden Bingham

Branden Bingham owned a lodge that was nearby. The family was out having fun in the snow and that is when the else son discovered the kitten trapped and partially buried in the falling snow.

Bingham’s brother picked up the frozen cat and brought him back to the lodge’s porch. That is when the family realized the kitten was still alive. They kept him by the fireplace to warm him up and help revive him.

See the video below!

The Binghams felt this was an early Christmas miracle and named the kitten Lazarus.

Miraculously, after hours of warmth and care and a little kitty CPR, the little guy came back to life! He walks between my feet everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere. He lives on my lap, shoulders, head, wrapped around my calf, and pretty much anywhere he can get my attention.

Branden Bingham

He loves his hooman dad, he clings and cuddles him to this date. Lazarus is greatful that he found his furever home in the Binghams.

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