Many Prayer Request from Missionaries

A lady at our church, Janet, she has been heavily working with the missions at our church. She talks to many missionaries around the world. She gives fellow church members booklets and list of missionaries and their prayer needs. Most of these prayer needs and concerns are sensitive info so only limited info is given due to safety of the missionary. As we know many missionaries are in dangerous areas for being a Christian.

Praying Hands - Missionaries

So I am putting a list of some of the common prayer request that I have seen in these list from missionaries. If you know more more please feel free to comment and share with me, so I can add to this list. Check back often as this list can grow.

So please keep missionaries and these types of request for them when you pray for them.

Many Prayer Request from Missionaries

  1. Their Family
  2. Their Safety & Security issues of themselves and those they reach
  3. Traveling Grace as they travel to and from locations
  4. Lodging, Housing, Shelter, etc. as many find it hard to find a place to lodge as they travel
  5. Health request
  6. Funding
  7. Learning their language to be able to better communicate with the people
  8. Learning their culture and the acquisition
  9. Material, Supplies & Items that will help with sharing the gospel
  10. Adaptation of the new environment (like temperatures, weather, etc.)
  11. Lost souls will be saved, Lost, Unsaved, Unreached, Etc.
  12. Prayer Request for Prayers for them and the mission work
  13. Opportunities to share the gospel to people
  14. Relationships they build with helpers, teams, translators, etc.
  15. Raise up disciples to be able to share with others the gospel
  16. Transition of their family, children, etc.
  17. Workers to help reach the lost
  18. Wisdom to be able to share with people
  19. Our reach and Bible studies to be successful
  20. Some countries are in wars and battles
  21. Upcoming Vacation Bible Schools (Yes even foreign countries do these)
  22. Families they reach will reach to their families and share the gospel to them
  23. Schools they start
  24. Construction of buildings, home, water sheds, and much more
  25. Direction from God where to travel next to share the gospel
  26. Elections going on in various countries where missionaries are, some places it can get violent during those times
  27. Churches to help partner with fellow missionaries serving
  28. Missionaries to be faithful in serving and sharing the gospel

And much, much more.

If you know of more prayers missionaries ask for, not specific ones, but general ones, please comment. Specific ones can jeopardize their safety.

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