How to Keep Christ in CHRISTmas?

How to Keep Christ in CHRISTmas? A complied List of ways to we can keep Christ in CHRISTmas. Did yours make the list? #Christmas

How to Keep Christ in CHRISTmas?

How to Keep Christ in CHRISTmas? A complied List of ways to we can keep Christ in CHRISTmas. Did yours make the list? #Christmas

This will be a comprehensive list of ways we can keep Christ in CHRISTmas. Comments are welcome, so we can keep adding to this list. Right now I have over 50 on this list! Help me add more and make a huge comprehensive list. Thank you!

  1. Attend Christmas Church Service(s)
  2. Make Jesus a Birthday Cake
  3. Give Jesus a Birthday Party
  4. Evangelize!
  5. “Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” — Charles M. Schulz
  6. Say Merry Christmas or even Merry CHRIST-mas. Not say Merry X-Mas!
  1. Give to Charity
  2. Volunteer
  3. Give to those in need
  4. Feed the hungry
  5. Share the Christmas Story to others and even online.
  1. Set up a Nativity Outside Your Home
  2. Listen to Christian Christmas Songs
  3. Watch Christian Christmas Movies
  4. Go Christmas Caroling (Especially at Nursing Home or Hospital)
  5. Not adding in additional commercialized stuff
  1. Our paper chain countdown has sections of the Bible to read. We also do a birthday cake for Jesus each year on Christmas eve. (Kristin Hanekamp)
  2. Sponsor a child(ren) from your local area who would not have much of a Christmas.
  3. Give 3 Gifts Like Jesus Got from the Wise Men.
  4. Advent Calendar with the Names of Jesus.
  5. Pray
  6. Attend Worship
  7. Tithe
  8. Serve In Your Church
  1. Serve In Your Community
  2. Use your talent for the benefit of the the Kingdom
  3. Not about the presents we get, but the Presence of Christ.
  4. Do not do Santa Claus.
  1. Do not do Elf on a Shelf.
  1. Think of others, not yourself.
  2. Living in obedience to his word and letting him teach us through surrender of our flesh and carnal minds to him to love people and serve him in a way that would make our Heavenly Father proud of us. (Mary Key)
  3. Before opening gifts, Read the Christmas Story.
  4. Keeping Christ in Christmas isn’t about what physical action you take or what items you put out — it’s about knowing why we celebrate and keeping your heart in the generosity and joy of the holiday. (Kati Leigh Brown)
  5. Communion (Lord’s Super)
  6. Send Christmas Cards not only to friends, family, but to Nursing Home Patients and Hospital Patients.
  7. Send Care Packages to your police department
  8. Send care packages to your fire department
  9. Keep His Word
  10. Read the Bible faithfully.
  11. The Christmas Nail
  1. Crown of Thorns as a Tree Topper
  2. Christ is First
  3. Angel Tree
  4. Honoring Christmas Every Day not just Christmas time.
  5. Just want to say…. just because you chose not to do this or that certainly doesn’t mean that if others do those things they are less than keeping Christ at the forefront of Christmas. (Brena Faustine)
  6. Food Donations
  7. Cross Tree instead of a Christmas Tree
  8. Count your Blessings
  1. Pay for the persons food behind you in the drive-thru (Drive-Thru Difference)
  1. Pay for the meal of a random person eating at the same restaurant you are at
  2. Pay It Forward!
  1. Give random people gift cards
  2. Tip Extra, Extra Good to your waiter or waitress
  3. Save your change throughout the year and at the end of the year cash it in and use it to bless a family. (Blessing Fund Jar)

Again! Your comments are very much welcome in sharing in ways we can keep Christ in CHRISTmas. I just might add yours to this list above!

Check back for more ways!

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