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70+ Names of Santa Claus From Across the World

Do you know the names of Santa in other countries. Did you know he dresses different and his physique is also different in other countries than what's imaged in the US? #SantaClaus #Santa #Christmas

Names of Santa Claus – Did you know that who we call Santa Claus is different in other countries. They call him by a different name. Also, did you know in some countries he is skinny while other countries he is overweight. Also in some countries, he wears green while other countries he wears red.

70+ Names of Santa Claus Across the World

Over 15 Names of Santa Claus Across the World #SantaClaus #Christmas #Santa
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Some tid-bit info there. Here are what other countries call “Santa Claus“ Remember Christmas isn’t about Santa, or whatever name he goes by as listed below, but it is about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus was born, died and raised from the dead so that we may live. Christmas is about the birth of our Savior. Remember our God never changes, as you can see Santa Claus does change based on where you live, like his appearance, but God who sent His Son for us never changes.

Santa Claus 🎅 has many names across the world. Here is a huge list of what people call him from around the world.

  1. Albania Babadimri
  2. Argentina Papa Noel
  3. Armenia Gaghant Baba
  4. Australia Santa Claus
  5. Austria ChristKind
  6. Bahamas Santa Claus
  7. Belgium Pére Noël / Pere Noel or Sankt Nicolaus
  8. Bermuda Santa Claus
  9. Brazil Papai Noel
  10. Bulgaria Dyado Koleda
  11. Canada (Pére Noël / Pere Noel, Father Christmas, Santa Claus)
  12. Chile Viejo Pascuero
  13. China Dun Che Lao Ren
  14. Czech Svaty Mikolas
  15. Denmark Julemanden
  16. Dutch Sinter Klaas
  17. Egypt Papa Noel
  18. England Father Christmas
  19. Ethiopia Yágena Abãt’ (Christmas Father)
  20. France Pére Noël / Pere Noel
  21. Finland Joulupukki (Christmas Goat)
  22. Germany Weihnachtsmann, St. Nikolaus or Kris Kringle (Christ Child)
  23. Georgia – Tovlis Papa [This is the country, not the state!]
  24. Greece Agios Vassilios
  25. Greenland Juulimaaq
  26. Haiti Tonton Nwèl
  27. Hawaii Kanokaloka
  28. Holland De Kerstmann or Sankt Nicolaus
  29. Hong Kong Santa Claus, Father Christmas or Sing Daan Lou Yan (Christmas Old Man)
  30. Hungary Mikulas
  31. Iceland Yule Lads. The Yule Lads, Yuletide-lads, or Yulemen (Icelandic: jólasveinarnir or jólasveinar)
  32. India Santa Claus, Baba
  33. Indonesia Sinterklass’
  34. Iran Baba Noel
  35. Iraq Vader kerfees
  36. Ireland Santa, Santee or Daidi Na Nollaig
  37. Italy Befana or Babbo Natale
  38. Jamaica Santa Claus
  39. Japan Santa Kurohsu, Odzi San or Hoteiosho (a god or priest who bears gifts),
  40. Kenya Father Christmas/Santa Claus
  41. Latvi Ziemassvētku vecītis (Christmas Old Man)
  42. Lichtenstein ChristKind
  43. Lithuania Kaledo Senelis
  44. Madagascar Dadabe Noely
  45. Mexico Los duendes ayudan a Papá Noel (Elves Help Santa Claus)
  46. Morocco Black Peter
  47. Netherlands Kerstman or Sinterklaas
  48. New Zealand Santa Claus
  49. Norway Julenissens (Christmas Gnome)
  50. Pakistan Christmas Baba
  51. Peru Papa Noel
  52. Philippines Santa Klaus
  53. Poland Swiety Mikolaj
  54. Portugal Pai Natal
  55. Romania Mos Craciun
  56. Russia Baboushka Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost)
  57. Scandinavia Julenisse
  58. Serbia Serbia Grandfather Frost (Дедa Мрaз / Deda Mraz) or Christmas Brother (Божић Бата / Božić Bata)
  59. Singapore Sing Daan Lou Yan (Christmas Old Man)
  60. South Africa Vader Kersfees
  61. South Korea santa kullosu or Santa GrandFather
  62. Spain Papa Noel/El Nino Jesus
  63. Sri Lanka Naththal Seeya
  64. Sweden Jultomten (Christmans Brownie)
  65. Switzerland Samichlaus or St. Nicholas
  66. Taiwan Sing Daan Lou Yan (Christmas Old Man)
  67. Trinidad & Tobago Santa Claus
  68. Turkey Noel Baba
  69. United Kingdom Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringler, Kris Kringle
  70. United States Santa Claus
  71. Vietnam Ông già Noel (Christmas Old Man)

As I mention above, Santa’s appearance changes. In the United States he is a fat man in red. In another country, he is slender and in green. I am glad my God doesn’t change like this fictional character known as Santa Claus. I even read in some Asia countries, he wears blue.

Just a note, we also have heard Santa called Kris Kringle that’s German for Christ Child. Also Santa in Spain means Saint.

Plus St. Nick or St. Nicholas is a real Person and who we get Santa Claus from. He was a religious person, a bishop.

Both Canada and Finland say they are homes to Santa.

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Christ out of Christmas

Yes, today we seem to be taking Christ out of Christmas, with things like Santa Claus and such. We are losing the true meaning of what Christmas is all about … the birth of our Savior. He came born of a virgin, lived a sinless life. Jesus Christ obediently died on the cross to save us from our sins. He arose three days later and now sits at the right hand of the Father interceding on our behalf.

Some countries Santa comes December 24, Christmas Eve or early Christmas Morning on December 25. In other countries he comes on January 6, Day of Epiphany. I even read where in Serbia he comes on CHRISTmas Eve.

Name Not Mentioned?

See a name for Santa Claus not mentioned? Feel free to share it in the comments so I can add it ot this growing list! Check back often, as I may add more!

These were posted in Patterson Post 02, our family Christmas Newsletter from 2002. First published December 16, 2014 on Courageous Christian Father. Last updated/republished on November 26, 2019.

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