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Half Beard

A youth pastor, Vince Beyer of Fayetteville, TN made a challenge with his youth about doing a chant at YEC and getting other youth groups to join in. If they could, he would do a half beard shave and go to church like that and post on social media. #halfbeard #YEC2016

Half Beard? What are you talking about Mr. Steve? Let me tell you the story about this youth pastor I met at YEC 2016.

Half Beard

In part of my networking and fellowshiping at YEC, talking to other youth, youth leaders and YEC Volunteers. I got to meet Vince Beyer, youth pastor for Kirkland Baptist Church in Fayetteville, TN. Beyer told us Friday night that if him and his youth group can get the other youth groups to chant back to them, he would do a half beard, shave his beard half way off. He would go to church like that on Sunday an even post it on Instagram and social media.

Friday night I believe only one section did it back with them, but it didn’t spread to other sections. So Saturday morning, me and another usher went around telling everyone about the deal Beyer made with his youth group. The youth leaders I spoke to, said oh yea we will help you out. As it got more packed in our section before YEC Started, I told Beyer you might want to try to get it started with your youth group.

Most of the men leaders I told it to said, he is a better man than I am, I wouldn’t promise nothing like that. I told Beyer that, he said when I show up to church Sunday I will be half a man, because I will have half a beard (half beard).

It started for a little bit. So me and the other usher and even Beyer and some of his youth when into several sections and started the chanting. This is a common chant I heard at other youth events I have gone to.

We Love Jesus Yes We Do!
We Love Jesus How About You?

So them doing that, it started to work, I even got my green led light that looks like a glow sticks out and started pointing  and running back and forth to the sections that needed to say it. I even put my ears out to see if I could hear them, saying I cannot hear all of you, come on. Then, it started to go! It went on for awhile and we got a good bit of people to do it, not everyone did, but Beyer Said he was satisfied like the song says.

So I checked Beyers Instagram, as we added each other at the YEC event. Surely enough He did. I took a screen shot of that and using that with this blog post.

I say cudos to you Beyers for getting heavily evolve with your youth like this and encouraging them and showing them to not be ashamed! We need more youth leaders like you! God bless you and may you continue blessing other youth throughout your ministry with working with youth.

He said he was going to use the the hashtags #halfbeard and #YEC2016

Below is the screenshot of his Instagram post:

Vince Beyer | Half Beard | Kirkland Baptist Church | Fayetteville, TN
Vince Beyer | Half Beard | Kirkland Baptist Church | Fayetteville, TN
As you can see, Beyer did it!

Also check out this Half Beard YEC 2016 Recap Beyer did at his church. 

May more of us be unashamed like in Romans 1:16 

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