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Life Application Study Bible Review

Life Application Study Bible Review - This is for the Third Edition in the New International Version (NIV). #BGBG2 #NIVBible

Life Application Study Bible Review – This is for the Third Edition in the New International Version (NIV). #BGBG2 #NIVBible

Life Application Study Bible Review - This is for the Third Edition in the New International Version (NIV). #BGBG2 #NIVBible

This Bible has a nice brown leathersoft cover. There are over 2,463 pages (including the maps, etc.).

Zondervan says this is the #1 selling study Bible. In this third edition, it has been updated and expanded over prior editions. But, I haven’t seen any prior editions to know more about that. It says it has been updated for life today.

The inside is a monotone color. It is printed in black and red color. It is not full color inside. However, the maps in the back are full color.

The type is a decent size font is used. Some might need a pair of reader eyeglasses. I am getting older and with my contacts, I can see distant, but not close up, so my eye doctor said I need readers. But, this Bible, I don’t seem to need my readers with my contacts.

Features of this Bible

  • There are over 10,000 Life Application notes and features.
  • Instructions for each book (tell you about that book of the Bible, Purpose, Author, Original Audience, Date Written, Setting, Key Verse, Key People, Key Places and Special Features and more)
  • Over 100 key Bible Life Application profiles (so you learn more about the People of the Bible)
  • Over 500 Maps and charts (to learn where things took place)
  • Words of Jesus in Red (that way you know what Jesus said)
  • and much more

It is a lay-flat style Bible. So it stays open when you read it for easier studying. It being brand new, sometimes it does want to close. So I am sure it needs to be broken into by reading and using it to study.

I do like the introductory to each chapter of the Bible. The bottom of pages, usually have notes for the verses above, like a normal study Bible.

Maybe you are unsure what to read. This Bible includes a check list of a reading plan for the year (365 days). It goes from Genesis to Revelation.

Random images of the Life Application Study Bible

If you are unsure of a word meaning, this Study Bible has a Dictionary / Concordance in the back. It will also tell you where else that word is used in the Bible.

I even found a chart for table of weights and measurements.

They do have chapter headers to for easy spotting what is going on.

If you are looking for a good study Bible in the NIV version, then this would be a good study Bible for you or your loved one.

I actually enjoyed looking over this Bible. I plan to give to this Bible to a person in need of a Bible at my church. It would make a great addition to have it engraved with your loved ones name (or yourself).

I included some random pictures of the Bible for you to see.

This Bible is done through Zondervan. It retails for $74.99. The ISBN is 978-0-310-45282-9.

I received this Life Application Study Bible for free in order to do this unbiased review and because I am a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG2) Member. #BibleGatewayPartner

Check out the review I did on the Illustrated Bible for Kids.

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