AncestryDNA Kit Review

AncestryDNA Kit Review – I recently took the AncestryDNA Kit and I am going to share about my experience. #AncestryDNA #DNAKit

AncestryDNA Kit Review

AncestryDNA Kit Review - I recently took the AncestryDNA Kit and I am going to share about my experience. #AncestryDNA #DNAKit
Steve’s AncestryDNA Kit

This Ancestry DNA kit is suppose to be able to tell me about my family background, like where they came from and what ethnicity I have perhaps and maybe some other things. The website says it is a simple saliva test that you send back to them.


It only took about a week to get my kit. Once you unpack it, you must register it. The person doing the DNA kit must register on Ancestry. It was ordered from

Taking the Test

You just spit in the tube until it reached the full level.

Steve spitting in the DNA collection tube.

Then add stabling liquid cap and shake it. Make sure cap is on good and tight. You didn’t put it in this bag. And then you put it in the tiny shipping box and it’s ready to go. Just drop it at the post office. I’ll also make sure you get a receipt at the post office so you can track the package and no when they received it.

I meant to take my test on Monday but I forgot. I ended up doing it on Wednesday instead.

It was very simple! Make sure you do it not after eating or drinking something it says you have to wait 30 minutes at least.

Mailing the Test

I mailed my DNA kit on Wednesday, May 19, 2021. It was delivered on Saturday, May 22. Note shipping times may vary. I was notified on Tuesday, May 25 that Ancestry received my DNA kit.

Be sure to save the USPS tracking number for your dna so you can keep up with shipping.

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Waiting on results

Waiting for the DNA Test Result, It says to allow 6-8 weeks. On June 4, 2021, I get text notifying me they are processing my DNA kit to please allow 2-4 weeks to process. I click the link for my status and it shows DNA analyzed estimate date June 25. Results ready June 28.

Monday, June 7, 2021, I got a text saying they are extracting my DNA.

My DNA Results

On Saturday, June 12, 2021 it said my results are in. So that is much sooner than the June 28th estimate date.

I added DNA traits. It was on sale and it showed things I may be prone to or not. That was cool. Like eye color and things about hair. Plus more.

Ethnicity Estimate

AncestryDNA Kit Review - I recently took the AncestryDNA Kit and I am going to share about my experience. #AncestryDNA #DNAKit
  • Ireland 38%
  • England & Northwestern Europe 28%
  • Scotland 20%
  • Wales 9%
  • Norway 5%

It even gave me traits based on my DNA too. Plus showed me others who did a DNA that I may be related to. Which says over 1,000 possible 4th cousins or closer matches.

Just think if we all could pull our trees together into one tree and go back to first living people, Adam and Eve.

My little family got bigger suddenly. But I do t know any of them either. But cool to see possible matches and then the people who have some of the same people in their tree too.

Do I recommend?

Maybe if it is on sale, not full price! Unless you are big into genealogy or really wanting to find family.

You can order one with My referral link

What was your expereince?

Feel free to share in the comments below. Did you use this AncestryDNA? 23 & Me? MyHeritage? Or another DNA Kit type?

I downloaded my dna and uploaded it to MyHeritage. However to do anything with it, I have to subscribe and/or pay a fee to see my matches and my results.

However 23 and me does not allow uploading of other DNA kits, so if you want that one, you must purchase theirs. But there are a number of other sites you can upload them to. Just be careful with which ones and whom you share your full DNA data to or with.

In all it took about a month for my results after I mailed it. I got my results sooner than the date they estimated. Your results may take longer than mine. Or even less time too.

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I paid for the DNA kit when it was on sale. I was not given anything for this review. I wanted to share my experience with you all.

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  1. I think my DNA went through MyHeritage. It’s been a few years since I did mine and my Dad’s and I haven’t looked at anything in about as long. I was very interested in genealogy until I got stuck on finding more ancestors on my Dad’s paternal line. Very interesting to look at though!

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