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RocketBook Everlast – RocketBook Everlast – This is my review of this product. Plus, I talk about what this can do with some tips too. I got this for Father’s Day. Most of my readers know I take sermon notes. I have tons and tons of spiral notebooks full of them. This can help eliminate them and store them on the cloud. Not to mention, possible text recognition. #RocketBook #RocketBookEverlast

I will share my experience with this book. I got to use this for the first time on Father’s Day, June 16, 2019. I enjoyed using it. It uploaded my sermon notes to the correct destination I set. (I may even update this blog post as needed too).

Rcoketbook Everlast Cover
RocketBook Everlast Package Image | Photo Credit: Steve Patterson

This notebook is reusable and as the name says, Everlast. As long as you take care of this special book, it will last forever! Great technology there!

In our church bulletin, we have an outline of the sermon. It is half the size of a letter size paper. It will fit within the border of the Rocketbook pages. So I put it on the notebook and it even scanned and sent that to my sermon notes destination. You can see that by clicking on the scanned copy of my notes in this blog post.

This one erases with a damp cloth. A Cloth was included. You just get it wet and wipe away. It does a great job with it. It can smear, appears to smear, but it does wipe off. (See some of the tips below)

It says it feels like real paper. To me, it doesn’t feel like real paper. It feels more plastic-like, if that makes sense.

It has a grid like background, it doesn’t show up when you scan. Nor does the destination spots on the bottom. The QR doesn’t show up either on the scanned document. (See the image below on what my scanned sermon notes looks like.)


You Can only use Pilot FriXon pens and markers. They do come in a variety of colors that you can buy extra. But, the one I bought, did come within on black Pilot FriXon pen.

Do not microwave this book. It is not like the Rocketbook Wave.

Do not expose the book or pens / markers to temperatures above 140° F / 60°C.

You can use a double hashtag to make a file name for the upload. For example, I used ##Ephesians 6:4## and it named the file Ephesians 64.pdf.

Rocketbook Everlast Scanned Image
Rocketbook Everlast Scanned Image

Make sure the ink is dry, before going to the next page, I did have a little transfer. I do mean a little transfer.

Also, make sure page is dry before wringing on it again after wiping them with the wet cloth.

You don’t want to wet the whole cloth, just a corner of it. Then you can use the dry part to help dry the pages.

Makes a great gift for a student, because you can use the destinations for each subject.

Even the business person can use this and have their notes sent to them in the destination place of their choice. (See list below)


  • Google Drive
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • OneNote
  • OneDrive
  • Slack
  • iCloud
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Email
  • Text
  • And More

I am sure as they update the app, they will update this listing of destinations.

An Experience With A Pilot FriXon Pen

My wife had one of those pens, left it on the car. It got hot and stopped working. We put it in the freezer and let it thaw. It barely wrote after that. So take heed this Pilot FriXon pens are very sensitive to heat. Don’t use them on legal documents or documents you need to keep.

Free Printable Pages

Btw you can download and print on regular paper, keep in mind those will work differently, as in the uploading part. However, the reuse aspect isn’t there like the book. I almost thought about those ones I tested out, laminating them and using dry erase, but that might be too much of a hassle. (Has anyone done that actually?)

Rocketbook Everlast Inside with Pilot FriXon pen and wiping cloth
Rocketbook Everlast Inside with Pilot FriXon pen and wiping cloth | Photo Credit: Steve Patterson

There is a mini version too! See image below. There is even a bigger size too, the Executive size.

Currently at the time of this post, there the Rocketbook App is only on the iOS and Android systems.


  • Infinity Black
  • Atomic Red
  • Midnight Blue
  • Neptune Teal

I have the Neptune Teal and love that color too. So I am still good.

Rocketbook Everlast Mini
RocketBook Mini Example | Compliments of RocketBook

That mini one would be great for Police or Security Officers, as long as they are not out in hot weather. When I worked as a Security Officer, we had to keep mini note books and write notes about things. We had to keep them on file too.


This book is a little pricey, but it is awesome. I do highly recommend this product. I do think to also get me a RocketBook Mini in the future. I don’t see me using the RocketBook Executive. It is just a bigger notebook than the RocketBook Everlast.

I will continue to use this for my sermon notes and small group notes here on out. I may even decide to use it for other things too.

Your Experience?

If you have a RocketBook and/or used the Pilot FriXon pens, feel free to share about your experience with them. Your comments are welcome.

My wife paid for this book. Nor did we get anything for this review.

Get Rocketbook!

Get FriXon Pens!

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Update: Rocketbook pages don’t last

I noticed my FriXon pens will not write on the pages used the most but will write on paper and pages not used or less often used. So it seems the pages will wear after use and I use my Rocketbook every Sunday for church notes. However new fine liners and highlighters seem to still work the best on those worn pages.

This update June 14, 2020.

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