K-LOVE - Colton Dixon "You Are" LIVE youtube video
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K-LOVE – Colton Dixon “You Are” LIVE youtube video

This is the live youtube video of “You Are” by Colton Dixon at the K-Love studio. Colton Dixon was a contestant of American Idol, Season 11. He sings this amazing Christian song for K-Love.

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Steve’s List of his 10 Most Favorite Christian Songs

I wanted to share a list of my favorite Christian songs. These are 10 of them. They are not listed in any particular order but they are my favorite. Check out this blog entry to see if your favorite Christian song made my list.

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Courageous Music Video by Casting Crowns

This is the Official Christian Music Video for the Christian Song Courageous by Casting Crowns. We were made to be … . #Courageous

We Are Kari Jobe
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We Are (Acoustic) by Kari Jobe Music Video

This is the Acoustic music video of We Are by Kari Jobe. This short music video is 3:36 in length. #KariJobe #WeAre #Acoustic

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live second 365 Ways to Make Jesus First reviewer

I have been selected to review the book live second: 365 Ways to Make Jesus First. Check out my blog and stay tuned to my blog as I read and journey with this daily reader book. Doug Bender is the author of this book. Doug Bender is also writer and small group coach for I am Second.

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Cartoon Song by Chris Rice – What if Cartoons Got Saved?

This is a video to Chris Rice’s song What if Cartoons Got Saved. They would be saying praise in a whole new way. #CartoonSong

Skillet Logo
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Monster by Skillet Christian Music Video

This is the YouTube music video to the song Monster by Skillet. Skillet is a Rock Christian Music band. I feel like a Monster. #Skillet #Monster

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Inspires me

Who inspires me, Steve Patterson. These people inspire me and why. Check out this blog entry.

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Why I started to blog

I share in this blog entry why I started to blog. Courageous Christian Father is a blog ministry and I figured I would share why I started.

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Jason Gray – Remind Me Who I Am (Official Music Video)

This is the official music video from Jason Gray “Remind Me Who I Am” When my heart is like a stone, And I’m running far from home …

Dove - Gentleness
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Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness

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I Am Second® – Christian Hosoi Testimonial Video

I Am Second® – Christian Hosoi, famous professional skateboarder. “I had it all. I lost it all. But I gained something better.”

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I Am Second® – Christine Petric (Testimony Video)

I Am Second® – Christine Petric (testimonial) – Petic was a soccer player. ”
He mended my heart of any anger or resentment. He filled it with love”

Jesus is the Joy of Life image
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Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

This blog entry is about the Fruit of the Spirit on Joy. I share many Bible verses on Joy. I also share with how many times the word “joy” is used in the BIble.

Love Clipart
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Love: Fruit of the Spirit & The Greatest Commandment

Love, the greatest commandment of all It is also a Fruit of the Spirit. How many times is this word found in the Bible? #Love #Bible #BGBG2

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Daily Family Devotion + 365 Daily Answers to What Would Jesus Do? WWJD? (book review)

Daily Family Devotion and Daily Family Devotion + 365 Daily Answers to What Would Jesus Do? WWJD? (book review).

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Forecast God Reigns Son Shines (church sign)

Forecast God Reigns Son Shines church sign at New Market United Methodist Church in New Market, TN.

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The Love Dare Book Review

My book review of the Book, The Love Dare. Check out my blog entry to see how I rated this book.

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The Journey – Deny Yourself and Take Up Your Cross

The Journey – Deny Yourself and Take Up Your Cross. While on my way home I passed a young man carrying a cross. I stopped and got to talk to this young man, Junior Garcia. See my post about my experience when I meet him taking up his cross.

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My experience at Camp Ba-Yo-Ca a Christian Camp

Camp Ba-Yo-Ca a Christian Camp and my experiences at this Christian camp. Camp Ba-Yo-Ca is located in East Tennessee.