In Plain Sight (Review & Trailer)

I was given a DVD, In Plain Sight, to review. In Plain Sight has several showings already and some planned at other places for this month and next month still. This documentary film is produced and narrated by Natalie Grant, Christian Music artist. I even bought me the music CD online that goes with the documentary, not knowing this a 3 part campaign (documentary film, study guide & music album). Part of the Hope for Justice cooperation.

In Plain Sight features stories of sex female abolitionist, a person who favors the abolition of a practice or institution, especially capital punishment or (formerly) slavery, fighting against sex trafficking in the United States. It is said about 80% of confirmed cases occur here in the United States are United States citizens, 50% are minors. Sex trafficking is happening In Plain Sight, even like the three girls in Ohio. Most of the time we don’t know that is happening around us. Sex trafficking is another way of saying sexual slave.

It happens all around us, homes, hotels, motels, truck stops and spas across America. We often don’t see it. It is estimated 100,000 Children and Thousands of Women are being sold for sex in America each year. Most are put into this horrible act at 12-14 years of age. Victims have been rescued in all 50 states, big cities, small cities and rural areas.

This documentary is used to help raise awareness of sex trafficking going on. This film is rated PG-13. It is advised you watch this film before showing your children, to decide if it is suited for them to view.

Watch this film to learn more about what is going on In Plain Sight and see stories of hope and freedom. Pray God will bring more people to help these victims and help them and bring them to Christ. Even find out about several Christian Based ministry aftercare homes (safe houses).

For more information and ways to help stop sex trafficking by taking action visit:

Info from web site and documentary film

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