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The Encounter & The Encounter: Paradise Lost

I just recently watched two movies. The Encounter (2010) and The Encounter: Paradise Lost (2012). Both two great movies. What if you had an experience a life altering experience. What if you met a man, a man that knew everything about you. Your past and your future. I mean every thing about you, the darkest and the worst. What if this man can offer hope and a change.

Find out the stories of these people that come to meet Jesus (played by Bruce Marchiano). Find out if they accept Jesus or not. While there be a change of a new creation or not. Or will Deville (the Devil – played by Kass Connors) convince them that He is not Jesus.

I enjoyed both of these movies. This movie is Biblically sound too. A lot of scripture based as Jesus is talking, even some of the people Jesus is talking to. In the first movie, The Encounter, five strangers come together at a diner. The second movie, The Encounter: Paradise Lost has seven strangers on an island with a tsunami approaching. Each person is given the chance to accept or reject Jesus, just like in real life. Will you accept Jesus Christ or will you reject him?

Both movies the people face various sins from their past, include each one a couple that is married that seemed the marriage was ready to end. Bad past such as drugs, abuse, pride and more. Find out what happens in both of these movies.

I highly recommend both of these movies. I am writing a review to these movies out of my own free will. I did not get a free movie or anything out of it, I just enjoyed this movie so much that I wanted to share this movie with my readers. As you watch this Pure Flix film, you will recognize some of the actors and actresses in this movie, like David A.R. White, who played Pastor Dave in God’s Not Dead. In The Encounter: Paradise Lost White plays, Rik Caperna, a police officer.

Below are the trailers to the two movies.

The Encounter

The Encounter: Paradise Lost


Did you watch either of these movies? If so, I want to hear from you. Did you enjoy these movies?

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