Writers Block – Walls of Jericho

“Bringing down the walls. What walls do you have up? Let God bring them down and come in.”

Writer's Block - Walls of Jericho
Writer’s Block – Walls of Jericho

Writers Block

Writers Block, a time or period where you have no clue what to write about. Well, I as a blog writer get writers block, as soon as I just had this writers block in my mind, I went blocks? Bible? Then immediately, The Walls of Jericho came to mind how they people walked around the Walls of Jericho and then the walls came down. I hope that if I walk around some, meaning prayer and reflection, I will be unblocked and able to write more content.

I do have notebook papers and note cards of blog ideas to write about. Some of them will be a series, to blog about. I want to make sure the complete series is wrote before I share them on here. Then, when the complete series is done, I can start scheduling the blog post. That is the good thing about blogging, you can schedule blog post to publish at a certain day and time. So make sure you follow Courageous Christian Father so you won’t miss a single blog post. I feel 2015 will be a great year in blogging for God.

Walls of Jericho

The walls of Jericho is found in Joshua 6. Read about it for yourself.

They had these walls up for protection you can say. Sometimes the walls are up and will keep evil in and not let good come in. Sometimes it protects it from evil coming in while keeping the good inside. Maybe the same way as a writer’s block. What better way to break writer’s block then having the walls come down, maybe in a similar manner of the Walls of Jericho.

The people marched around the city, a city that was barricaded by walls. No one was entering or leaving. The people had to circle around the city completely one time. They had to do this for six days. I noticed they did this for six days. If you remember, God created the world in six days. Then on the seventh day they were to march around the city seven times. Seven was a number of God, a number of perfection. They were also to had seven priests carry seven ram’s-horn trumpets in front of the ark.

After the seventh time around the city on the seventh day then the walls would come down. They people were also instructed not to say a word, not to shout or until they were told to. Well, same goes for this blog. I share what I feel God leads me to share. May it be a Bible verse, a recipe, a craft, a review of a movie, business, attraction, etc. When God speaks we obey.

They didn’t say a word, while they were marching around the city for those seven days. After the seventh time around, the Shout order was given. They were told the Lord has given them this city. When God gives you something, it gives it to you to do and to take care of. In the taking over of this city, they said to make sure you do not become part of the city, this city was set for destruction.

The walls came down as the shout of the people came. So I am shouting so I can break the walls of writer’s block, that I may bring you content that God wants me to share with you.

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