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I like the song by Skillet Freakshow. I believe it is a good song because it shows how we are to be set apart from the world. I am sure to the world, we as Christians, are freaks to them. Check out the first part of the song’s lyrics. The above video is not an official Skillet video. Skillet is one of my favorite Christian Music artist.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen!
Come and see
Things your eyes won’t believe!
Some say they are aliens
Some say they are stranger
Some say they are not of this world
We will not conform to the madness,
Whether they scorn or whether they attack us
Come one, come all,
Welcome to the Freakshow!

It almost reminds me of religious name calling like Jesus Freak, Bible Thumber and the list can go on and on. So go ahead and call me a Freak. I don’t mind. Call me a Jesus Freak or Bible Thumper, That is great too. It shows that I am not of this world and trying to live apart from the world.

Skillet is not your typical gospel music. They are a rock type band playing Christian Music.

This song is off their album Rise, it is on the Deluxe version as a bonus song.

So Welcome to the Freakshow! This is where the freaks go. Let’s go and show the world Christ in us!

So what is your take of this song? Do you like this song? What do you get out of this song? Do you feel like you are a freakshow?

You can find more information about Skillet at skillet.com

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