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Good Person Test Gospel Tract Recreated & Professionally Printed

My buddy Justin and I like to go out and use the Good Person Test when we witness to people. The Good Person Test is part of Way of the Master. The Bezeugen Tract Club made one that we liked and found useful talking to people. It has this purple man on it, you have the person put their thumb on it. If they are a good person it will turn green. This tract helps point out the 10 commandments and our sin. Plus the need for a Savior and why Jesus died on the Cross for our sins.

Good Person Test Gospel Tract Recreated & Professionally Printed

Are You A Good Person? Tract (Good Person Test Gospel Tract Recreated & Professionally Printed)

Since it was very useful, I went and recreate. I use some of the same verbiage on the back. Plus I added a link to my blog, using my short url. I even put the info to my church and his church.

We usually go out on Friday nights and hand out Gospel tracts, as well as, Gospel of Johns. Not to mention, we talk to people along the streets where we go. We usually go to Carson-Newman College. If you would like to go with us, get in touch with me. We would love to have you join us.

I used a professional printer and had them printed. My turn around time was about 2 weeks (from ordering to delivery).  These are printed with high glossy front and UV protecting on the front too.

Want ideas of where to put tracts and use them, check out this blog entry. Using Gospel Tracts As A Witnessing Tool.

Check out the whole comic including free printable versions.

If you would like to have them printed up like the ones I did. Feel free to contact me, I can see what the best deal on printing is and get them done up for you. I will change the back to put your church or ministry name on it too.

First published April 10, 2014. Updates on June 6, 2014 and October 15, 2016.

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  1. I have already given my buddy Justin a good number of them. getting my pastor a good stack of them too. my daughters got some. if I gave some to some of the youth at church. I pray that these will be able to help save the Lost.

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