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I want to take this time to do a review of WonderWorks. You may or may not know this business. The museum appears upside-down outside. It is also the same way inside the lobby. Then, you enter into the main area,

totally different. This attraction is not what I thought it would be. I knew they had rides inside, but I figured it was more of a museum with everything inside upside-down.

WonderWorks of Pigeon Forge, TN
WonderWorks of Pigeon Forge, TN

WonderWorks is not a Christian based business but maybe a great place to take the kids and family to. I have never been to this attraction, but always have wanted to go. I figured why not ask to see if they will let me do a review. Thanks to Ellen, she generously allowed admission for my daughter and I. I wanted to do a Christian based review and see if it was worth taking the family to.

 Entrance …

When you enter the building, everything will be upside-down, so in order to participate in the fun, you must be inverted. Just like the entrance, it is an inverted tunnel, with a lighted dark tunnel with one of them spinning, it appears as if you are moving around but you are not. There is an alternative entrance for those in a wheel chair or prone to motion sickness.

Upside-down or Right-Side-Up?

The upside-down of this attractions reminds me of the book of Acts when people were starting to get saved and being bold for Christ. They turned the world upside. Today it seems as if the world is trying to turn it back right-side up. So when ever you see WonderWorks, just think that we should keep the world upside-down. Have us stand out in the world. See Acts 17:6.

And when they could not find them, they dragged Jason and some of the brothers before the city authorities, shouting, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also

Is it windy in here or is it just me?

Once you get inside the first part of the Pigeon Forge location, you enter the weather station. There is a numerous stuff about weather, even two rides that make you believe you are in a hurricane and another one, an earth quake. Both of these rides were very interesting. I did see some weather facts that I didn’t know. A hurricane carries more nuclear power then all the nuclear power in the world combined. One hurricane was 310 miles in diameter.

Family Friendly and great way to share God to family

WonderWorks is a great place to bring the family. You can learn interesting facts while you are there. It is also a good place to share with the family what God has done. Like God is in control of the weather and He is also the creator of those weather patterns. The space area how God created the world. Plus I am sure as you go through each station you can find a way to share God in each one of them.


I enjoyed the climbing wall and the space walk, but rope courses. I think I liked those cause they reminded me some of when I was in scouts and doing rope courses. WonderWorks is filled with illusion and things that make you wonder. This is a great way to conquer a fear if you have a fear of heights. The Bible tells us to not to fear! I wasn’t afraid to do it, just a little nervous for me on the Space Walk, because some of the wires seem to sway some. That is just a hint for you. I figured they would be firm.

Steve Patterson on the Space Walk at WonderWorks
Steve Patterson on the Space Walk at WonderWorks

Bubbles, Space and More

WonderWorks also has big bubbles. See if you can make a big bubble without popping it. There is a lot of science in WonderWorks too. Even a section where it is all space themed. As if you were an astronaut for NASA. There is even music & art. I enjoyed the mind game. The object is to relax and not think in order to win. What I did was held my breath right as the ball was about to win for my daughter and next thing I knew my ball was going all the way across for the win!

Feed back from a family

I got to talk to a family from Indiana while I was there. They were enjoying WonderWorks. It was their first trip there. They were in town for the Rod Run. They let each one of the kids pick a new place each year. Last year their eldest child picked Titanic. This year the middle child picked WonderWorks. Next year, they believe the youngest will pick the Aquarium. I was just talking with them as we were at the mind game and I was telling them about my experience earlier with my daughter on it.

I was hoping to talk to other families and get their view of it, but I never got to do that.

Friendly & helpful staff

While there I got to talk to a number of the employees. These employees were very friendly, made you feel at home. They said the management there is awesome. They will listen to you as an employee and if you have feedback they will listen and take it for consideration. One employee after I told him I was a Christian said he was too. He liked magic and use to do magic tricks. He did a magic trick that was cool with my gospel tract I handed him. He wishes that they would allow him to demonstrate the magic trick stuff in the gift shops to help sell that product. He also added that the coloring book and the rope in the gift shop make great witnessing tools. As those are what he uses.

Lazer Tag & Hot Air Balloon

WonderWorks also offers Lazer Tag and even a hot air balloon ride at an additional charge. I didn’t get to do any of these, but I did get to ride most of the rides. Some of them you had to have two people to do and my daughter didn’t want to do them. There are rides with limitations with weight and height. I would have really enjoyed the hot air balloon ride as you got to go 500 feet in the air and see a lot of Sevier County and the mountains.

Go early!

We got there early they opened at 9 am the day I went. So I went early to avoid traffic as much as possible, plus since I live semi-local, it helped to know a lot of the back roads in case of heavy traffic, which, is known for this area. More so when special events are going on, like the Rod Run.  On Hwy 66 you can go 2-3 miles and take 30 minutes in traffic. So you may want to research alternative routes.

Getting there early had its advantage, the lines were not long. I was told by the employees after 11 am or so is when it gets busier.

Special thanks to

Special thanks to these employees and my interaction to them. Cole, Taylor, Michael, Corey, Dallas and a few others there. You all made our day a pleasant day. I would recommend you take the family and enjoy your day there.

Plus special thank you to Ellen and WonderWorks for allowing us to visit with them on this wonderful experience.


  • Pigeon Forge, TN
  • Orlando, FL
  • Panama City Beach, FL
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Syracuse, NY
  • West Nyack, NY

Finial thoughts

I believe WonderWorks is a great place to bring the family. Maybe you can bring your church youth as a trip as well. There is a lot to do and something there for everyone. With all rides, some of them the kids have to be a certain height to do. My daughter said she really enjoyed it too. I asked her what her favorite thing was, she couldn’t tell me other then she enjoyed it there. So even if the place is not a Christian based place, we can incorporate God to the people in our party and if someone near us hears, that is Great. I believe this place would be a great field trip place too.

Not to mention an attraction there for those over 13. It’s an US Army virtual tour. Gives you respect for men and women who are fighting for our freedoms.

One thing thete stands out to me that isn’t family-friendly is towrd the end you can gwt pucture taken and your face put on a variety of themes like super heros etc. But they do have ones where women are revealing like in bikinis. So tgat part csn be skipped to avoid tgat exposure.

When you go, tell them you seen the recommendation from Courageous Christian Father. They will ask you where you heard about them.


Comments are welcome. Have you ever been to WonderWorks? If so, which location and tell me about your experience. Did you use any station and talk to your family or group about God with the different stations, if so which ones and what did you share.

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