VBS Stats (Vacation Bible School Stats)

VBS Stats – Are you thinking about if Vacation Bible School is worth it or not? Then check out these stats about VBS! #VBS #SayYestoVBS

VBS Stats (Vacation Bible School Stats)

  • 25% of Baptisms reported by Southern Baptist Churches come from VBS.1 & 4
  • Every 1 person trained in VBS results in 1.1 salvation decisions.1 & 4
  • Increase prospects from community.1 & 4
  • 10% of people enrolled in VBS are unchurched.1 & 4
  • Men Volunteer for VBS2
  • New Leaders are Discovered2
  • New Prospects are Discovered2
  • Biggest Community Outreach 2
  • 2.5 Million Kids at VBS3
  • 70,135 Salvation Decisions3
  • 155,344 Prospects Discovered3
  • 1,383 Responses to God’s Call into Ministry or Missions3
  • 15 Hours of Intense Disciplineship3
  • Sharing the Gospel Daily3
  • 7 Months of Ministry in 1 Week3
  • Money Given to Missions3
  • The first Vacation Bible School can be traced back to Hopedale, Illinois in 1894.5

I personally think Vacation Bible School (VBS) is very important. As it can reach many kids and gives them a lot of Biblical training in a week. A great way to reach the community is through the children in the community. That just might reach the parents! If your church is thinking about stopping VBS, I encourage you to keep on, keep on. If your church is thinking about starting a VBS. I would say go for it! Also check out when other churches are doing theirs, so you don’t complete with them. Very few churches even offer an adult vbs class.

VBS Stats (Vacation Bible School Stats)


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