The Good Kitty Test

The Good Kitty Test – Can your cat pass the good kitty test?

The Good Kitty Test

  1. Has your kitty cat every taken anything didn’t belong to them?
  2. Has your kitty ever lied?
  3. Has your kitty ever killed anything?
  4. Does your kitty always listen to you?
  5. Does your kitty want to eat what you are eating?
  6. Does your kitty blame things on other kitties or doggies?

If your kitty can answer yes to any of these then they are not a good kitty!

I know I cannot pass this test! Just saying!

Can your cat or kitten pass this test?

The Good Kitty Test - Can your cat pass the good kitty test?

This test is on the lines of the Good Person Test!

About the Author

Author: Lilly Bug

I'm Lilly Bug, a female calico cat / tortoiseshell cat  living in Jefferson City, TN and I want to share my adventures with you. Plus, I share other cat information too. I live with my daddy hooman, Steve and my momma hooman Heather. Plus let's not forget my brother cat, Joel the Brave. I am part of 2 Cats and a Blog that now blog here on Courageous Christian Father, the blog my dadda hooman does.

0 thoughts on “The Good Kitty Test

  1. Meowza Lilly Bug,
    Not a single one of the Tribe of Five passed the test. Please don’t tell our humans!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Lily, Tucker,Jasmine.Alberto & Oliver

    1. That’s it’s Joel the Brave and I can’t buy our hooman’s still love us. They can’t even pass the good person test for hoomans.

  2. Not all kittens are naughty. They are very adorable. But, in reality, no cat or kitten can pass the good kitten test. Just like no person can pass the good person test. Thanks for the comment Marc-André

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