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Utterly Stuck

Utterly Stuck - Joel the Brave gets stuck in the bathroom. This is his story.

Mew.  Hello. Thought I’d share a bit’s from my day yesterday.

Utterly Stuck

My Ms Heather said she was mopping. I don’t know what that means but she said something about keeping me away. She put my litter box into the bathroom and closed the door.

I do no like being where I cannot sees my Ms Heather when I want to. I cried out. She no answered. So, I thought..i need to find way out.

I climbed up onto the sink. There I seen the black cat that no plays with me. He seems stuck in the shiny thing my hooman calls a mirror.

Other cat was no help. I knocked some if Ms Heathers things into the sink. And played with the drawer.

I heard Me Heathers voice talk to me. She no seems to understand I no speak fluent hooman. I is just a kitten, No? Her voice quickly changed. She was very afraid. Hearing her afraid made me cry.

I heard my Ms Heather talking to someone. She was really upset. I guess she was talking to the hooman she calls Steve (finds him at

She was really scared. I wanted out if bathroom to comfort her. She kept trying open bathroom door and drawer was stopping her.

I then seen a thin silver stick come through the narrow crack of door. Ms Heather calls silver thing a screwdriver.

And in moments, I was out of bathroom. Shew. I no liked that.

What’s about you, fur friends? Ever got stucks? Id love to hear what happened and how your hooman helped you.

Back to my spot by Me Heather’s side.

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