Utterly Stuck

Mew.  Hello. Thought I’d share a bit’s from my day yesterday.

Utterly Stuck

My Ms Heather said she was mopping. I don’t know what that means but she said something about keeping me away. She put my litter box into the bathroom and closed the door.

I do no like being where I cannot sees my Ms Heather when I want to. I cried out. She no answered. So, I thought..i need to find way out.

I climbed up onto the sink. There I seen the black cat that no plays with me. He seems stuck in the shiny thing my hooman calls a mirror.

Other cat was no help. I knocked some if Ms Heathers things into the sink. And played with the drawer.

I heard Me Heathers voice talk to me. She no seems to understand I no speak fluent hooman. I is just a kitten, No? Her voice quickly changed. She was very afraid. Hearing her afraid made me cry.

I heard my Ms Heather talking to someone. She was really upset. I guess she was talking to the hooman she calls Steve (finds him at courageouschristianfather.com).

She was really scared. I wanted out if bathroom to comfort her. She kept trying open bathroom door and drawer was stopping her.

I then seen a thin silver stick come through the narrow crack of door. Ms Heather calls silver thing a screwdriver.

And in moments, I was out of bathroom. Shew. I no liked that.

What’s about you, fur friends? Ever got stucks? Id love to hear what happened and how your hooman helped you.

Back to my spot by Me Heather’s side.

About the Author

Author: Joel the Brave

Prr. I am a boy black cat that lives in Tennessee with my hoomans, Ms. Heather and Mr. Steve. I have a sissy cat, Lillybug. I hope to be a firefighter when I grow big. I am part of 2 Cats and a Blog that now blogs on Courageous Christian Father.

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  1. Joel be greatful your Heather doesn’t give you baths in that bathroom. When mimi picks me up and heads to the big room she calls her bathroom, I know there is trouble. She closes that door with a Cheetah hanging on it. Mimi calls it a housecoat. I am scared she will hang me there.
    She takes me to that big white pool with a water gun and gives me a bath.
    She tells me I will feel better after a bath. But mimi don’t understand wee boys. We like dirty.

    1. You tell me more of this thing called a bath. Ms Heather says I is getting one this weekend.

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