See You at the Pole 2020

See You at the Pole 2020 – This is an annual event where students meet at the flag pole of their school for student lead prayer. #SYATP #SYATP2020

See You at the Pole 2020

See You at the Pole 2020 - This is an annual event where students meet at the flag pole of their school for student lead prayer. #SYATP #SYATP2020

In 2020, See You At the Pole will occur on Wednesday, September 23. While, Global Week of Student Prayer will be held September 20 – September 26.

The Theme for 2020 is Return, Restore, Revive!

“Josiah…turned in total and repentant obedience to God”

With the theme verse in 2 Kings 23:25

And like unto him was there no king before him, that turned to the Lord with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses; neither after him arose there any like him.

2 Kings 23:25 KJV

Josiah’s Covenant can be found in 2 Kings 23 to 2 Kings 25.

This year for 2020, due to ongoing COVID-19, times, dates, places may vary with each school. Students are strongly encouraged to follow all CDC, state, local government, and school district guidelines and mandates.

Maybe even do creative ways to do See You At the Pole, maybe like on Facebook Live, Zoom, etc.

This is the 30th anniversary!

See You at the Pole, a student-initiated and student-led event that started in Burleson, Texas, in 1990. SYATP brings students together to intercede for their leaders, schools, and families, asking God to bring moral and spiritual awakening to their campuses and countries.

Check out this Prayer for SYATP!

Everything students need to do a successful SYATP is available free at For the Facebook page, go to “myseeyouatthepole”. Promotional resources can be ordered online or by calling (817) HIS-PLAN (817-447-7526) between 9-5 (Central Time), Monday-Friday. Brochures, a promotional DVD, and posters are some of the materials available for 2019.

The San Diego-based National Network of Youth Ministries coordinates SYATP promotion. Doug Clark, national field director of the Network, noted: “See You at the Pole is a ‘moment.’ We hope adults and students will consider turning that moment into a movement by praying every day.”

Churches can show support for schools by sponsoring a “Pray for Schools Sunday” emphasis in their worship services September 120-26, 2020. Participants can recognize and pray for Christian students, educators and schools in their congregations. For resources, please go to

SYATP is partnering with Claim Your Campus ( to encourage students to daily prayer at their schools. Resources and training for both ministries are available on a shared mobile app, “Campus Prayer.” CYC currently supports students praying daily on 1,000 US schools.

Past SYATP Events

  1. 2019 – If My People Pray
  2. 2018 – Broken
  3. 2017 – Fix Your Eyes
  4. 2016 – We Cry Out
  5. 2015 – United

More info at

(817) HIS-PLAN (817-447-7526)

Don’t forget that Bring Your Bible to School Day is coming up in October, very soon!

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