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Evangelism Week & Global Week of Student Prayer

This is Evangelism Week. September 20-26, 2015. Evangelism Week is brought to you by The Life Book.

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See You at the Pole – Fix Your Eyes

Below is the 2015’s

Evangelism Week & Global Week of Student Prayer

During this same week it’s also Global Week of Student Prayer.

During this week on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 is See You At the Flag Pole (SYATP) for students to meet at the flag pole and pray. You meet at 7 am (your current time) before school at the flagpole. This started in 1990, 5 years before I graduated high school. In 2005, it became an international event.

Acts 1:14 They all met together and were constantly united in prayer.

See You At the Pole - Evangelism Week - Global Week of Student Prayer image

See You At the Pole – Evangelism Week – Global Week of Student Prayer image

Use this week to boldly share gospel to everyone you cone in contact with. Hand out Gospel Tracts, Gospel of Johns like The Life Book, We actually shouldn’t be witnessing just one week of the year but every day all day long. Same with praying.  Also make sure you pray daily and are prayed up about your witnessing. Pray for those who are lost and that God will use you to share Christ with them.

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More Information:

See You at the Pole visit: syatp.com

Evangelism week visit: nationalevangelismweek.com

The Life Book visit: thelifebook.com

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