See You At the Pole Prayer of the Day

See You At the Pole Prayer of the Day – Today’s prayer of the day is topical for today’s See You at the Pole. #SYATP #SYATP2020

See You At the Pole Prayer of the Day

See You At the Pole Prayer of the Day - Today's prayer of the day is topical for today's See You at the Pole. #SYATP #SYATP2020 (Photo by Kevin McCartney on
Photo by Kevin McCartney on

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today, many students across the nation or even the world, will assemble at their schools flag pole to have student lead prayer for See You at the Pole 2020 (SYATP 2020). I ask that you be with all of these students who are participating, even in this time of social distancing and face masks requirements.

Even if they have to do it a little different than normal, including virtually via video conferencing etc. Or even the location where you can meet. I ask that you lift up these prayers and be with these students and their teachers. I ask if any student and/or teacher doesn’t know you, that they will be one of your children at this event.

Let students know they still can boldly pray to you and not have to be ashamed to pray to you at school or anywhere they may be. Bring healing and peace with the students and teachers. Watch over them throughout this school year. Regardless if they are meeting in person at school, virtual learning at home or virtual learning in a public setting area outside of school.

Also be with the parents of the students and the children of the teachers too. This is all new for everyone, we as humans can adapt and overcome, but we cannot do it without you. Let us put our trust in you!

In Jesus Name,


This is just one of the topical prayers of the day that I plan to publish. Make sure to follow Courageous Christian Father for more prayers of the day. If you have a topical idea for a prayer of the day, feel free to share in the comments and/or contact me. If there is anything I might be able to add to this prayer, feel free to share that in the comments as well.

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