Pro-Life Christians

Pro-Life Christians – If we say we’re “pro-life Christians” but on a daily basis pass by the largest unreached and most victimized people group on the planet, the unborn children! How are we any different than the priest and Levite (Luke 10:25-37) who left the robbers’ bloody victim to himself?

Pro-Life Christians

If we claim to love truth but stay silent when it matters most; love justice but don’t pursue it for those who suffer in silence; love mercy but fail to extend it to those without a voice, what in the world do those words mean? As the old WWJD saying comes to my mind, “What would Jesus do?” hmmm … what was that about a millstone (Luke 17:2)?

If we can’t remember the last time we did anything, anything at all, for the children we ought to protect, how can we honestly claim to be pro-life?

To the children in danger of being killed today, it makes no difference what we call ourselves be it Christian, pro-life, or abolitionist! When your life hangs in the balance, you do not need someone’s feelings but their action and not tears but prayers and a solution!

So as long as being pro-life or abolitionist is just a label that quiets our conscience, the most vulnerable members in our society will continue to be decapitated, dismembered, and disemboweled. And as long as we care more about our comfort than their lives, why would we expect our culture to take us seriously? Abortion has been alive and well for many years as it was previously called “child sacrifice” and by they way many of you act, it shall be around around (didn’t mean to write that word twice but in biblical times the ! exclamation mark was not yet created, therefore when something was repeated as in “woe,woe” it was a exclamation or very important meaning pay attention) for many more! So if you believe abortion (child sacrifice) kills children, then act like it!


Eddie DeHart
Passion for Life!

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Author: Eddie DeHart

Eddie DeHart of is here and we are HERE FOR LIFE and for you! God has called us and we answered, 911 is a call for HELP and HOPE, it is an EMERGENCY! We are based on Romans 9:11 since 9/11/01. Pray for us!

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