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Pro-Life Exhibit Opened at the Creation Museum – Using the latest scientific discoveries along with teachings from the Bible, a team of artists, technicians, and scientists at the Creation Museum has created a $1.2 million visually striking exhibit, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

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The Tennessee Baptist Mission Board Randy David is representing Tennessee Baptist for a week to testify in front of the Senate study committee discussing pro-life legislation in our state. #IStandForLife

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Purple Penny Project – The Purple Penny Project is a cry on behalf of the unborn children. A cry for you to see value in what others proclaim as worthless, life! This is part of 911 Babies and Life Village. #PurplePennyProject #911Babies #Abortion #LifeVillage

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Pro-Life Christians. If we say we’re “pro-life Christians” but on a daily basis pass by the largest unreached and most victimized people group on the planet, the unborn children! How are we any different than the priest and Levite (Luke 10:25-37) who left the robbers’ bloody victim to himself? #ProLife #911Babies

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