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I went to use the wi-fi at a popular fast food place to eat. I purchased some food and then went to log onto my blog to work on it and it says it has been blocked due to being “religious”.

Blocked Blog has been blocked on Taco Bell wi-fi. That led me to have to go to another place to use their wi-fi, since I didn’t want to work at home. As the world gets darker that just shows that more businesses will filter what can be used on their wi-fi including what they call religious sites like this Christian Blog.

Normally, I do work at home like I mentioned above, but I wanted out and about.  As of right now this is the only fast food place that blocks it, but I haven’t tired many other places. So far Bojangles hasn’t that is where I am now posting this blog post.

Blocked Blog - Taco Bell

I know this isn’t the first one and nor will it be the last. No matter having a blocked blog or not, I will still press on and keep on blogging. There are still many places that haven’t blocked this blog.

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