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This is the Christian Rap song and music video by Dayvito for Jesus Freak, features Rashaad King.Both Dayvito and Rashaad King are Christian Rappers and Christian Hip-Hop artist in the Christian Music genre. This post also includes the lyrics to the song.

Video by Mastermind Min & Kre8Films. This is the official music video from the artist Dayvito. Directed and filmed by Kre8tor.


Wake up.
There’s No Need to Struggle.
Who Are You?
What am I doing here?
I’ve been watching you for a long time?
Watching me?
I was hoping you might discouraged or something but you just won’t stop.
What are you talking about?
The Gospel … The Word of God. I need you to stop.
Laughing. Man that’s never gonna happen.
You Know you are what we call a Jesus Freak.
You Just don’t know when to shut up.
Why are you laughing? You are not going anywhere.
You may control my body, but you will never control my mind.
Just what I thought you would say.

*Intro was typed by me as I listened to the video.

Jesus Freak Lyrics

First part

Yo! Mastermind.

  1. I’m not a rapper I’m more like a reverend

(Preach Preach)

  1. We are not enemies I am your brethren

  2. The path that I’m on got me going a different direction

  3. It’s all a perception I’m looking at things from another dimension.

  4. You people worship dead presidents ain’t got no dividends

  5. You and your friends y’all are just playing pretend

  6. The Bible is life I suggest that you open and read it

  7. The truth is the truth and the truth is that you really need it

  8. I’m addicted to Jesus without Him I feel like I’m fiending

  9. God is not dead He’s alive and it’s time to believe it

  10. People keep telling me they don’t want nothing to do with religion

  11. The choices are heaven and hell you better make a decision

  12. The life that you’re living determines the price of admission

  13. Will you bow to the villain or the one who is Risen?

  14. There is freedom in Christ if you ask for forgiveness

  15. And in the book of life is where your name will be written.


I can’t help it, I can’t help it
This is who I am (x2)
It ain’t my fault, it ain’t my fault
If you do not understand
I’m Jesus Freak (x16 times)

Part 2
  1. People in the world only want to deny God

  2. But I put Him first and that’s how I defy odds

  3. Prosperity Pastors make Christians look like certified frauds

  4. Do you honestly think that your money can buy God?

  5. Some do it all for the money others just wanna be famous

  6. I do it all for the King I would much rather be fame less

  7. To the ends of the Earth I will go til they know what His name

  8. Despite what I’m faced with, I know I’m destined for greatness

  9. They’re calling me crazy like I have just left the asylum

  10. Whether you love it or hate it man this is who I am

  11. The devil is out on the prowl like a devouring lion

  12. Everyday is a battle but I will continue to fight him

  13. I’m strapped with the Bible and I put on my armor

  14. To Jesus I give all the praise and the honor

  15. I’m a Jesus freak but don’t call me a monster

  16. I would die for this gospel so call me a martyr


I can’t help it, I can’t help it
This is who I am (x2)
It ain’t my fault, it ain’t my fault
If you do not understand
I’m Jesus Freak (x16 times)

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Lyrics were provided by Dayvito per requesting it via email. The intro part I transcribed by listening to the video. These lyrics respectfully belong to Dayvito. #Dayvito #JesusFreak #RashaadKing

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