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How to Start a Christian Blog

How to Start a Christian Blog - I share how you can start a Christian blog yourself for free to cheap. #ChristianBlog #BgBg2

How to Start a Christian Blog – I share how you can start a Christian blog yourself for free to cheap. #ChristianBlog #BgBg2

How to Start a Christian Blog - I share how you can start a Christian blog yourself for free to cheap.
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1. Set up a FREE account on This is the blogging format that I recommend. You can upgrade to paid, if you like. You can use DreamHost and buy a domain and hosting and use WordPress. (That is what this blog does).

2. Set up social media accounts and pages for that new Christian Blog you created. You will want to set up the blog first. So that way you can share the blog address on that social media platform.

3. Make sure you set up the blog to publish to those social media of new blog post. This way all new blog post, will automatically be shared on your social media. Also make sure to invite people to the social media accounts.

4. Start blogging! Publish Blog Post! Write! Write! Write! That is simple! Just keep writing and publishing those blog post. It is like the the old movie, Field of Dreams. Instead of building the field for them to come, you must publish articles for them to come.

Now you have your blog set up and going. These continued tips could help you increase your traffic and get more followers.

5. Tell others about your blog! (Your friends, family, coworkers, classmates … EVERYONE!) Even other Christian bloggers. Who knows, they may write an article about your start up blog to their followers.

6. Submit the blog address to search engines. This way you can be found when someone does a search. You don’t have to do this, but it can help increase traffic.

7. Comment on other Christian Bloggers. Make sure they are meaningful comments about the article they wrote. Don’t do it to do it or over do it, spam them.

It is really simple! Very easy and can be very cheap if you just use the free WordPress. I recommend you start there. Wait till you get more traffic before paying money for domains and hosting. Then you can export and import to a self-hosted domain.

Anyone can do it! Male, Female, Young, Old, Etc. You can blog on a computer, tablet and smart phone.

You might be able to try to guest post on existing Christian Blogs too.

Do you have any tips to starting a Christian Blog that should be added?

If you do, then feel free to share in the comments below.

Of course, these tips can work for starting any kind of blog!

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