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Christian Guest Bloggers Welcome – For a limited time I am accepting guest bloggers.

Christian Guest Bloggers Welcome

Christian Guest Bloggers Welcome

You will write a biblical sound Christian blog entry. Minimum of 500 words with at least one picture. You must use Bible references and show source(s) for research such as links or books sited.

It must be related to theology, Christian, Bible, God, Jesus, Family, etc. related.

No! You do not have to be a Dad! You can be a Mom too! This is open up to any Christian Blogger or Christian Writer!

This would also be great for any Christian Writer who needs to intern or build their portfolio too.

Please do not submit something you’ve submitted elsewhere else or plan to use anywhere else.

Photos must have a caption and photographers credit by.

Clipart used must be credited where clipart is from.

Photos and Clipart of contributors must be submitted via email or allow Courageous Christian Father to select one for your post(s).

I reserve the right to edit and not published entries I feel that shouldn’t be published. I will set you up with a contributors account. Carefully pray about what you want to write.

If you are syndicated Christian writer, you are welcome to apply to have your syndication published here too.

I ask that you follow Courageous Christian Father via email or WordPress. (Or other social network sites).

Guest Bloggers

In the form please include information about you, your walk with Christ, your family, why I think you should be a guest blogger and anything else you with wish to share.

This is a Volunteer blogging experience. You will not be paid for any submissions. Submission become the property of Courageous Christian Father. You will still be in the author of the blog entry.

This is a great way for you to get extra exposure for you as a writer and for your blog ministry too. A form of cross-promoting.

After your approved submission is posted, I asked you share that blog entry on your favorite social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

  • No paid links nor affiliate links allowed for guest bloggers.
  • Include 1 Link to your main Blog
  • Include 1 Link to a blog post of yours
  • No miss leading information.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Don’t use copyrighted material
  • Cannot be published anywhere else, including your own blog.
  • Must be Christian related.
  • Other restrictions may apply or change without notice.
  • Again this is unpaid.
  • You must also add a disclaimer at the bottom stating these views may not necessarily reflect the views of Courageous Christian Father.

Please feel free to contact me.

PS. I’d be glad to also contribute a blog post or more to your blog as well.

Make sure you follow my blog, fill out your email address below and confirm the email you receive. You must be subscribed to this blog to be a guest blogger!

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Priory Published, Last updated or republished February 9, 2021.

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