Hairball Awareness Day

Hairball Awareness Day a day to help raise awareness of hairballs and the importance of brushing (grooming) your cat.

Hairball Awareness Day

This day is held the last Friday of April each year. Funny cats have fur but they call it hairballs and not furballs.

National Hairball Day

The aim is to bring awareness to the pesky problem that felines face every so often, which can be combated by regular fur brushing and more.

This day is listed as one of the Pet Health Awareness Events of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  The formation of hairballs is a common feline condition that is brought on by self-grooming and the associated ingestion of hair.

This day is held annually on the last Friday of April. This April, it is April 26, 2019.

A hairball is a small collection of hair or fur formed in the stomach of animals, and uncommonly in humans, that is occasionally vomited up when it becomes too big.


Future Dates:

  • 2020 – April 24
  • 2021 -April 30
  • 2022 -April 29
  • 2023 – April 28
  • 2024 – April 26

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