Halloween superstitions revealed
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Halloween Superstitions Revealed

Halloween superstitions revealed. Steeped in tradition, Halloween season also is a time of year when superstitions take root and add to the spooky and often silly nature of the holiday. Some Halloween traditions are traced back to the ancient Celts. Their belief that spirits of the deceased were able to wander the earth during the time they called Samhain. Folks would wear costumes so the living could blend in with ghosts, and treats were laid out to appease the spirits. #Halloween

National Cat Day #CatDay #NationalCatDay
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National Cat Day

National Cat Day. Another man made holiday for cats. Actually this is to raise awareness for homeless cats and for people to adopt a cat. #CatDay #NationalCatDay

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Zika and your pets

The Zika virus became a widespread concern for travelers beginning in the spring of 2016. Travelers were warned not to visit certain areas, notably tropical climates, deemed vulnerable to Zika outbreaks. #Zika #ZikaVirus

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My adventure as a stray cat

My adventure as a stray cat – This is a creative writing post about my day as a stray cat. #straycat

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‘National Pet Fire Safety Day’ Prevention Tips to Keep Pets from Starting Home Fires

An estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by home fires, however, nearly 1,000 house fires each year are accidentally started by the homeowners’ pets, according to a new data analysis by the National Fire Protection Association.

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6 signs your cat has fleas

6 signs your cat has fleas – Fleas are something no cat parent wants to encounter, but they’re all too common among companion animals. Unfortunately, once fleas are in the house, they can affect everyone in the household – including people.

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12 Ways to pet your cat

12 Ways to pet your cat – There are many ways you can pet your cat. Here is a list…

Cuddly Kitten Day
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Cuddly Kitten Day

Cuddly Kitten Day – A Day for those adorable and cute, yet cuddly kittens known as baby cats. So what is this holiday? #CuddlyKittenDay

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Joel the Brave, Large and in Charge

My name is Joel the Brave and I am Large and In Charge! Well, I am in charge on odd numbered days.

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Healing Powers Of Cats

Here is a meme on the healing powers of cats.

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Cat Herders’ Day

Cat Herders’ DayCat Herders’ Day – Does your day or life seem like you are trying to herd cats? Then, this day is for you! #CatHerdersDay

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Light Game

Light Game – I chase a light on the wall.

Herding Cats on MythBusters
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Herding Cats

Herding Cats – Is it possible to herd cats like you do farm animals like sheep and cattle? #HerdingCats

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Want healthier kids? Get a pet …. Um Cat!

Want healthier kids? Get a pet …. Um Cat! If youngsters have been eyeing fuzzy kittens or boisterous puppies at nearby shelters or pet stores, parents may want to give in to those cries for a family pet. Pets are added responsibilities, but the health benefits associated with pet ownership may be well worth the investment of time and effort. Pets can contribute to cognitive, physical and emotional wellness in children.

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Scaredy cat

Scaredy cat – do you fear a lot of things? Scared of things? You might be a scaredy cat! What exactly is that? Find out here! #ScaredyCat

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God created cats on the 6th Day

God created cats on the 6th Day – On the 6th Day is when God created the hoomans and the land animals. He created the hoomans to have dominion over us animals. It is all recorded in the Bible. us animals know there is a God, but many hoomans don’t!

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Catnip – So what exactly is this herb and why does it cause cats to act crazy? Where does it grow? Cat behaviors from it. Hooman use (human use)? Find out all that and more in this blog post! #Catnip

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The Good Kitty Test

The Good Kitty Test – Can your cat pass the good kitty test?

Are Catguts made from cats?
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Are Catguts made from cats?

Are Catguts made from cats? They are made from a certain animals intestines, but are they made from the cats intestines?

Cats and vegetarian diets may not make an ideal match.
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Cats and vegetarian diets may not make an ideal match.

Cats and vegetarian diets may not make an ideal match. Cats have a greater need for protein than their canine…