BD’s Mongolian Grill Review (Lexington, KY)

BD’s Mongolian Grill Review (Lexington, KY) – This is my review of a hibachi style restaurant where you can watch them cook the food you picked yourself.

BD’s Mongolian Grill Review (Lexington, KY)

BD's Mongolian Grill Review

This weeks Travel Thursday takes us to Lexington, KY. This location is just over 3 hours, around 200 miles from where I live. This location is located at 309 Sir Barton Way
Lexington – Hamburg KY 40509. There are other locations mostly to the north throughout parts of Ohio, Michigan and a few other states. They have around 23 locations at the time of this blog post.

Hibachi Grilled!

I like this food because I like a Hibachi grilled style food. Here I can pick the meat, vegetables if any, seasoning and sauce that I like and have it grilled before my eyes. You can see where they are cooking my food on their grill in the photo below.

BD's Mongolian Grill in Lexington, KY is grilling my food.

Best to Get

Best to get the one time trip. You can feel up your bowl ad much as you want in it. I mean that too! I’d put your toppings in first then the meat! You can get a lot of meat, just like the image below. But, you can choose all you can eat as well. I do know when I fill my bowl with the raw foods, I pile it on high! That is feeling for me! I barely could eat all I had.

Boy was it good! The food was very hot and fresh! The tastes was good. That mainly is because you can make it taste like what you want with all the choices of meat, vegetables, sauces and seasonings.

Supporting Local!

Did you know that BD’s Mongolian Grill also buys local meat and produce whenever possible?

Endless Possibilities!

Tons of meats to choose from. Even tons of vegetables too. Plus, all huge assortment of sauces and dry seasonings too. You can create unlimited types of dishes! So you can stir it up anyway you want! Plus, you can watch them cook it too on the huge hot circle grill.

Friendly Services

Both times I went, I had friendly and great service too. Both servers from both visits made you feel at home there. They even gave you a few tips and tricks for your next visit.

My Plate!

As you can tell, I like meats!

I got a lot of steak meat, ribeye, chicken, sausage and more. I used some Jalapeño and onions too. Not to mention, liquid sauces and dry seasonings on mine! This one I had potatoes too.

BD's Mongolian Grill My Plate of Food on a visit

About BD’s Mongolian Grill

Per their website:

Since 1992, bd’s Mongolian Grill has been delivering unique, interactive dining experiences that set us apart from the competition and has made us the world’s number one Create Your Own Stir-Fry restaurant concept. Focusing on giving guests a plethora of options, we have created a growing band of loyal customers that believe passionately about their ability to take charge of their own dining experience. Our “Stir It Up, Your Way!” philosophy gives guests ownership in choosing their own ingredients from a great variety of choice meats & seafood, fresh vegetables, crisp salads, and flavor-packed sauces and spices that are Always Market Fresh. The food is then prepared by expert grillers on a 500° 7-foot grill.

More info visit:

Wished there was one closer to me.

Hey BD’s! HINT! HINT! Morristown, TN is picking up and would be a great location!

I didn’t get anything for this review. Both times I went, I paid for my meals. This review is based on my two experiences.

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