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Graduated High School

Hard to believe but my daughter, Amber Graduated High School, being in the class of 2016. I am so proud of her. They grow up so fast!

My daughter graduated high school, completing her senior year. She is the class of 2016 from Jefferson County High School.

Graduated High School

I am so proud of you Amber. She done her special studies in high school with agricultural type classes. She really loved her large animal science class and is fascinated with cows. She wants to be a veterinarian. She took a lot of Agriculture classes in high school and loved them especially the Large Animal Science.

Class of 2016 - Graduated High School

It’s hard to believe she is now graduating high school. It almost seems like she just started kindergarten. Children grow up too fast. Before you know it they are all grown.

It almost seems like yesterday she just started Kindergarten. The school years seem to fly by very fast.

Enjoy your children while they are young, because be graduated high school and off to college and starting their own life. This is only the beginning to my daughter growing up and being an adult child.

Her growing up made me reflect briefly on when I graduated high school in 1995 from high school from Fulton High School in Knoxville, TN. I did graphic design studies at the high school as my vocation.

It is hard to believe but 21 years after my high school graduation and my daughter graduated high school.

Soon my daughter, Amber, will be off to college and embarking on her being an adult child now. She plans to study to become a veterinarian.

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