God’s Love A Christian Poem written by Steve Patterson

God’s Love – A Christian Poem Written by Steve Patterson. Where can love be found? To get this unwound; Give God all your trust, so you won’t begin to rust.

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God’s Love, A poem that Steve Patterson wrong on November 1, 1998. I wrote a lot of poems during my high school and college years. I plan to share them on Courageous Christian Father.

God’s Love

Where can love be found?
to get this unwound;
Give God all your trust,
so you won’t begin to rust.
God loves us so much,
nothing can even come close to touch.
Christ dying for our sins,
now everyone wins.
by asking Christ into them,
and living to the word for Him.
That was sent from above,
so show everyone love.
this includes your enemies, too,
so have Christ be found in you!

©1998 by Steve Patterson – If you use this poem, please give proper byline credit of Steve Patterson and ©1998.

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