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The Pocket Testament League: Gospel of John’s

Pocket Testament League Gospel of John Covers (a sampling)

Pocket Testament League Gospel of John Covers (a sampling)

The Pocket Testament League can send you 30 Gospel of John’s free a month. They have a variety of themes/covers as well as a few different translations to pick from. You can either donate money or wait for a sponsor and have 30 sent to you. You must go each month and manually order 30. This is a great way to spread the Gospel. 30 of these means about 1 per day you can give out. So that is good enough for a month. Order yours today at www.ptl.org/referrer/466871 Please make sure to keep the referrer ID in there. Also to make sure you go back every month to order more. I would set a calendar reminder to remind you.

These are a great way to share your faith. You can even put a tract inside. These are pocket-size too. I encourage you to order some and just hand them out. You could also put one of these inside of a Blessing Bag.

You can also insert a gospel tract inside too! While you are it, check out my list of sites that give you free Gospel Tracts in the mail at: courageouschristianfather.com/free-gospel-tracts-sent-via-snail-mail/

I have been using these since August 28, 2013. I got an email saying that I have been with them 2 years now. Plus, each time I get a referral I get an email to let me know. I also have given a coffee cup and a full Bible from the referrals too.

They have tons of cover theme designs to pick from, various translations too. Some also in a few other languages too, including Spanish.

If you can afford it, then please consider donating to them.

You can also stamp, write or put a label with your church information too. We are called to make disciples, that does mean we are to help train those we win, witness to or invite to church.
First published October 24, 2013. Republishing with additions on August 28, 2015.

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