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Bezeugen Tract Club – Do you hand out Gospel Tracts? How about a gospel tract club that gives you 30 free gospel tracts per month to hand out. #Bezeugen #BezeugenTractClub

Bezeugen Tract Club

I would have to say this is my favorite tract site. This site actually sends you 30 free gospel tracts a month to hand out as part of the club. You can join for free and get the gospel tracts for free. All they do is ask for a donation to help offset the cost.

I like these because they are high gloss gospel tracts. Most are the size of a business card. These make good conversation starters. You get a new set of different gospel tracts each month. These gospel tracts are in full color. They do have a UV coating to make the glossy.

Bezeugen is actually a German word meaning, witness, testify. So it is a good tool to witness and give your testimony to others.

Bezeugen Tract Club tracts
Samples of Bezeugen Tract Club gospel tracts

I joined the club in August 2013.  Today I tell many people about this Tract Club. Even the children and youth at church. I hand some to them to hand out too. They seem to like them.

I believe one of the reasons I like these one so much is because of the size. It can be used like Here’s My Card. They can be left in more places then bigger sized gospel tracts. You can easily mail these with your bills or letters. I think I am kinda of prone to them, because I use to collect business cards. But also the designs of these are very nice. Being a graphic designer myself, I like these the most as well because of the design, type of paper and the gloss.

If you like a particular tract they sent you and want more, you can order them as well.

Along with the 30 free gospel tracts each month, you get a newsletter as well. Plus you can subscribe to their blog to get tips. I highly recommend this gospel tract club. It is my favorite gospel tracts that I have got so far, at the time of this posting.

Bezeugen also offers an online evangelism class.

Bezeugen Tract Club is based out of Dallas, TX. If you are in that local area, I am sure once a month they can use help packing the cards for the mailings. So if you like gospel tracts and all then feel free to go there and volunteer some time.

If you join tell them Steve Patterson sent you or you can say Courageous Christian Father Blog. Thanks. (I was told since I first published this blog post in 2013, 50 people have mentioned they heard about them from this blog ministry. Of course, I am sure some people didn’t say.)

I have some designs I made I was gonna print up for my own. However, I plan to send them the front and they can do on the back.

Want to learn more about Bezeugen Tract Club, visit:
to join the Tract club.

Check out other places that send out free gospel tracts.

First Published September 7, 2013. Last updated or republished August 22, 2018.

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