Romans 8:31 Bracelets to Benefit Knoxville Police Department
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Romans 8:31 Bracelets to Benefit Knoxville Police Department

Romans 8:31 Bracelets to Benefit Knoxville Police Department. Ryan Hudson, a Knoxville, TN Resident made these bracelets and announced it on Facebook. #KnoxvillePolice #KnoxvillePoliceDepartment #Romans831

If the devil is knocking on your door ... This church signs reads ... “If the devil is knocking at your front door, Let Jesus answer it.” Harrogate United Methodist Church.
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If the devil is knocking on your front door …

devil is knocking on your front door … Check out what this church sign says about the devil knocking on your door. #ChurchSigns

If God is For Us, Who Can Be Against Us, Romans 8:31 Knoxville Police Department
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Knoxville Police Department Removed Bible Verse

Knoxville Police Department Removed Bible Verse … If God is for us, who can be against us. This verse has been up for 50 years of tradition.

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A License to Sin

A License to Sin. A lot of people think that because they are under grace they can do as they please, a license to sin you can call it. As Christians do we have a license to sin and live the way we want or is that license to sin denied? Find out in this blog entry.

God's Big Eraser
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God’s Big Eraser

God has a big eraser. A Big eraser to wipe that whiteboard clean of the sin. We must come to Him for the cleaning of our whiteboard and turn from our ways.

I'm Not Ashamed
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I’m Not Ashamed (Review & Trailer)

I’m Not Ashamed (Review & Trailer) – Based on the inspiring and powerful true story and journal entries of Rachel Joy Scott- the first student killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999. #ImNotAshamed #Romans116 #UnoUnoSies #PureFlix #OneOneSix

Unconditional Election #UnconditionalElection #TULIP
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Unconditional election

Unconditional election – God saves those He wishes. Only a few are selected for salvation. The Concept of predestination. There are no conditions on who’s elected, just that God choose those He saved. #UnconditionalElection #TULIP

Sola Fide by Faith Alone
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Sola fide

Sola fide (“by faith alone”). This doctrine is based on the justification of faith and faith alone. #SolaFide #FaithAlone

Unlimited Atonement #UnlimitedAtonement
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Unlimited Atonement

Unlimited Atonement. This doctrine states there is no limit to the atonement and believes it is available to everyone, not just the elect. #UnlimitedAtonement

Biblical Theology by Shai Linne
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Biblical Theology by Shai Linne

Biblical Theology by Shai Linne – including the lyrics and a music video for this song off the album The Church Called & Collected. #ShaiLinne #BiblicalTheology

Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone)
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Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone)

Soli Deo Gloria – The doctrine of Glory to God Alone. Often abbreviated as Abbreviated SDG. This is also one of the five solas. #SDG #SoliDeoGloria #GlorytoGodAlone

Total Depravity
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Total depravity

Total depravity – the doctrine that human nature is thoroughly corrupt and sinful as a result of the Fall. That all men are born evil. This is also known as the dead man theory or we are dead because of our sin and we must be born again or regenerated. That means man can do nothing to bring about his own salvation. #TotalDepravity #TULIP

Georgia Teen BF Journaling Bible Christmas
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Georgia Teen Gives Boyfriend a Filled in Journaling Bible for Christmas

Georgia Teen Gives Boyfriend a Filled in Journaling Bible. This teen gave her boyfriend this Bible because he wanted a Bible for Christmas. #JournalingBible #Bible #GeorgiaTeen

Selfless Sunday
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The Road Back Home by Selfless Sunday (Official Music Video)

The Road Back Home by Selfless Sunday (Official Music Video). Plus lyrics to this song too. Selfless Sunday is a Christian Rock Band. #SelflessSunday #RoadBackHome

Bible Verses Against Evolution
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Bible Verses Against Evolution

Bible Verses Against Evolution – I guess you can say, this came about when one of the youth in my church asked me for Bible verses to help. This youth is taking evolution in school. Most schools do not teach creation, but only teach evolution theory or even the big bang theory. #Evolution #BigBangTheory #YoungEarth #Creation

If Everybody Jumped off a Bridge Would You?
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If Everybody Jumped off the Bridge Would You?

If Everyone Jumps off the Bridge, Would You? Talk about the old saying if so-and-so would jump off a bridge would you? Doing what the world does and not what the Word of God says. Well everyone is doing, why shouldn’t I! Just because everyone’s doing it doesn’t make it right.

Dear Younger Me - Steve Patterson 1990
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Dear Younger Me – A letter to my young self

Dear Younger Me – a letter I would write to my younger self maybe as a warning of what to do or what to do. #DearYoungerMe (Click to read that letter)

The LSD of the Bible
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The LSD of the Bible

The LSD of the Bible as found in James 1. I am not talking about the drug LSD but three words in the Bible that make the acronym LSD. #LSD #Bible

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Are you a good person? Comic featuring Mr. Nice Guy

Are you a good person? A Gospel tract Uses God’s Law to help witness & share your testimonial to other people. This comic is part of the Way of the Master. Now with free downloadable and printable versions! #GoodPersonTest #WayoftheMaster

25 Things God Hates
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25 Things God Hates

25 Things God Hated. Yes, there are seven things and even a person that God hated. Find out what these 8 things that God hates.