Total Depravity
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Total depravity

Total depravity – the doctrine that human nature is thoroughly corrupt and sinful as a result of the Fall. That all men are born evil. This is also known as the dead man theory or we are dead because of our sin and we must be born again or regenerated. That means man can do nothing to bring about his own salvation. #TotalDepravity #TULIP

doctrine of election by shai linne
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Doctrine of Election by Shai Linne

This is the song and lyrics to the song Doctrine of Election by Shai Linne. Shai Linne is a Biblical Rapper and Theological Rapper. Rapping the Truth. #Election #DoctrineofElection #ShaiLinne

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Bold for Christ

I talk about having boldness to share Jesus. Being Bold for Christ.

Light Shone for Saul
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Acts 9:1-4 – Light Shone for Saul

Acts 9:1-4 – Light Shone for Saul. I talk about how Saul saw the light, the light of Christ. He stopped persecuting Christians and became a Christian and then came known as Paul.

Business Cards and Name Change (Bible)
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Name Change Comic

Check out this comic of a disciple who ordered business cards and later that day Jesus changed his name.

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Colossal Coaster World – Piedmont Baptist Church

Thrill Seekers – Colossal Coaster World – Piedmont Baptist Church – June 3-7, 2013 (Dandridge, TN)