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Buttered Corn Day

Buttered Corn Day – A day for those people who love the yummy and buttery corn. #ButteredCornDay

Buttered Corn Day

I love buttered corn on the cob. I love to add salt and pepper to mine. I love it it roasted in the oven or grilled on the grill in the husk. Yummy! If it is corn from a can, I like to drain the water brine and put it in a pan and add salt, pepper and butter. I don’t like water logged corn. If you do boil it, add some milk to it.

Buttered Corn Day

This day is held annually on August 23. I am not sure when or how this holiday started but a good day to eat some corn … well any day is. I think corn is one of my favorite vegetables.

This day comes in handy around Corn Maze time too.

Maize is also known as corn. (Spanish).

Types of Corn

There are six types of corn.

  1. Sweet Corn (Sugar Corn)
  2. Dent Corn (Field Corn)
  3. Flint Corn (Indian Corn)
  4. Popcorn
  5. Flour Corn
  6. Pod Corn (Tunicate Corn or Tunicate Maize)

See the samples below.

Buttered Corn Day - Types of Corn

Benefits of Eating Corn

  1. Contains Fiber
  2. Prevents Hemorrhoids
  3. Promotes Growth
  4. Rich in Vitamin B (thiamin and niacin)
  5. Good source of pantothenic acid
  6. Rich in vitamin E (kernels)
  7. Prevents Anemia
  8. Protects your heart
  9. Lowers LDL Cholesterol (with no butter or fat added)
  10. Controls Diabetes
  11. Enhances Skin Texture
  12. Improves Vision
  13. Boosts Energy
  14. Digestion Aid
  15. Contains folic acid

These benefits are from what I came up with from researching other websites.

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