Burgess Falls

Burgess Falls – Located in Middle Tennessee you can see four waterfalls along this moderate hike. This is a must see! #BurgessFalls

This weeks Travel Thursday will take us to Middle Tennessee to Burgess Falls. This will be a moderate hike. On this hike you can see four waterfalls (The waterfalls are 20’ cascades, 30’ upper falls, 80’ middle falls, and 136’ lower falls in height). This hike is about 1.5 miles round trip (using the Service Road).

Burgess Falls

You must keep on hiking to the end, because the last waterfall is the best and biggest. You can walk back to the parking lot area using the service road.

One thing right now, parts of the trails are closed where they are doing repairs to overlooks. I am not sure when those are to be completed, but there is some construction going on at the park. Including new overlooks. The stairway to the bottom of the fall is closed until further notice too due to structure damage to the stairway.

Located on the Falling Water River.

Be careful toward the at the falls, because it drops off the falls and no guard rails are you are on top of the falls.

I enjoyed this hike and seeing these waterfalls. I know you will too! There are a lot of stairs made on the trail too. Some can be hard, but well worth it.

We went on a weekday and it wasn’t that crowded, but if you go on a weekends it will be busier.

Also note no pets are allowed for safety reasons. During high water times, trails may be harder to pass. Bikes and horses are not permitted either. There is also a trail, Ridge Top Trail, approx. 1 mile. I didn’t do that trail, but it is another option to take when you are here.

More info at: tnstateparks.com/parks/burgess-falls

If you want, while you are in the area, check out Cummins Falls which is maybe 30 minutes away or so.


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  1. What a treasure to find! We started out about 8:15 am one morning to find the Falls.
    WOW! A moderately strenuous trek at times but a good one—the Falls are gorgeous, especially the big one. You couldn’t trek all the way to the bottom but could go down part of the way. Highly recommend this location, we went to Cummins Falls the same day. Burdess won out by far!

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