Cummins Falls

Cummins Falls – I share about a popular swim hole, hike and waterfall located in Middle Tennessee. #CumminsFalls

Cummins Falls

This weeks Travel Thursday takes us to Middle Tennessee to Cummins Falls. It has several tears and is also a famous swim hole at the bottom of the falls. This falls is located on one of the State of Tennessee’s State Parks. Part of the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River.

This river also flows into the Cumberland River and the Cordell Hull Watershed.

This waterfall is the 8th largest waterfall in the state of Tennessee.

Plus this is one of the best swim holes in North America according to the Cummins Falls info sign at the parking lot area.

Cummins Falls

The Hike!

The hike is a very hard hike. It is not for the faint of heart. The toughest part is going back up to the parking area form the bottom of the gorge. It is very steep. The trails are also very narrow. It is also damp and wet and slippery too. It is very crowded going up and down the trail that makes it harder to get around. I believe from the parking lot area to the falls is around 2 miles one way!

The Gorge!

When you are at the bottom of the trail at the gorge to get to the waterfall you must follow the gorge and waterway to the waterfall. At times you must forge in the water. Sometimes it is ankle or waist deep. If it gets deeper than that, it is harder for you to continue on and is not safe! The rocks are slippery because they are wet! They are also loose, so they can easily move too. There is not too many shady areas in the gorge area!

The Swim Hole

The swim hole area looked fun. It was super crowded though. You can even allow the water to fall on you too. I didn’t get in that area during my visit.

Stay Hydrated!

On our way back up, there were several people who fell. One person I heard even passed out. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. Maybe even take and use cooling clothes too.

Saw A Copperhead!

While my wife and I was heading back to the trail to go up to the parking lot area, we passed an area that was populated with people and under one of the rocks was a baby copperhead snake. I pointed it out to those around to be careful, but people didn’t seem to heed my warning. So also be careful of snakes there!

Super Crowded!

When we went it was super crowed! You could barely move around on the trails, as I mentioned because they are narrow, but in the gorge there is people everywhere and makes it harder to get around as people are playing and also stationary in spots throughout the gorge area.

Park Staff Visibility

At the entrance to the trail is Park Staff checking bags, coolers and other belongings. Checking for guns, weapons and alcohol products. Plus, there is Park Staff at the waterfall in the swim hole area.

Not Recommended!

I did see a lot of people with small children and even packs carrying infants. I don’t think that is very wise as you can slip and fall and injure your child or infant. This trail is recommended for small children or even those with mobility issues. Maybe the best way is to see it from the overlook! Unless you are an adventurous hiker and can handle a hard hike.


Restrooms are only at the top of the parking lot area. The lines can be very long too.

I don’t Recommend but just to go to the overlook

This is one place that I can say I did it. I do not believe I will be back down to the bottom part.The hike back up to the car is very hard and the trail is too crowded and narrow. Now the Overlook is not a bad hike and is very short. But the hike up and down to the waterfall is a different story and I mentioned above.

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I did this review on my own. I wasn’t given anything for this review either.

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