Biblical Times Dinner Theater Review

Biblical Times Dinner Theater Review – I contacted Biblical Times Dinner Theater to see if I can do a review of them. Since they seem to have what is a Christian type business and sharing the Bible. Located in Pigeon Forge, TN. The dinner and pre-show will begin at 6:00 pm with the main production starting at 6:30 pm (Monday to Saturday) with our cast singing southern gospel, hymns, contemporary, while you enjoy your meal. The second half will take you through the journey of Moses. With the doors opening at 5:30 pm. Closed on Sundays.

Biblical Times Dinner Theater Review

I visited the Biblical Times Dinner Theater on June 20, 2014.

Biblical Times Dinner Theater - Building
Biblical Times Dinner Theater – Building

Moses Mountain of God

Currently they are running Moses Mountain of God as their production. They use real life actors and latest holographic technology to bring to life their productions. According to their website, they sing some gospel music, some comedy songs and even people share their testimonies. This production set to run until October 31, 2014, then a special Christmas production will begin November 1 to January 3. The Christmas Story, is the name of the production. Presented with a different meal then the one I mention below.

Want to know about Moses, read the Book of Exodus and Joshua. You may want to peek at Hebrews 11 and see Moses in the Faith Hall of Fame.

Waiting in the lobby

While we waited in the lobby for them to open the doors to the seating area I got to talk to a few people who were there for the production as well. One couple from Liberty, NC was there. They said they come to this area regularly and each time they come they visit a new attraction and they have been wanting to go to this for some time now and decided to go. Then there was a group of people in orange shirts. I believe around 12 of them total. They were from The Old Country Church in Kimball, TN. I even got to talk to their pastor about a lot of things including the Bible.

Before the show you get to watch scenes from Jim & Penny Caldwell about their findings about Mount Sinai and the split rock. Very interesting finds by them. They believe they found the actual location of Mount Sinai based on Biblical descriptions. Plus, they got to do a trivia questions. They had 2 couples form the audience on stage. One thing I learned from those Q&A session was God parted the waters 4 times. I only thought it was 1 at the Red Sea.

Red Sea

  1. Red Sea for the exodus of the children of Israel from Egypt.
  2. Jordan River when the children of Israel entered the Promised Land.
  3. He parted the water again when Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan at the time Elijah taken up.
  4. God parted the Jordan again for Elisha as he crossed after Elijah had be taken up.
Bliblical Times Dinner Theater - Cast
Biblical Times Dinner Theater – Cast

The Show Begins

The show begins by the cast sharing a variety of gospel music and their personal testimonies. I enjoyed the gospel through the decades as they portrayed what gospel music may have been like in the decades. Like the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc. They did a Happy days type theme, a disco type theme, country type theme and more. My daughter said she really enjoyed this part of the production the most.

The cast

I enjoyed the cast very much. One of them is a local from Loudon, TN. My daughter, impressed from how one of the actors is adopted. How his parents was told that it would be hard adopting a child of another race. They proved to others that with God all things are possible. This actor also featured as a kind on National TV and got adopted. His family later adopted more kids.

Then the staff after intermission will present the story of Moses. They use holograph backgrounds to help portray the story. Some of these seem to appear as 3D. We aren’t even wearing 3D glasses either. The story of Moses, taken from the New King James Version of the Bible and is told by Joshua. They even show you the Bible verses as it’s going through here and there.

Trip Advisor

According to Trip Advisor, they seem to get very good reviews. Like Mary show said it is “worth the visit.” Jaun who said “Awesome one of the best small stage performance we have seen.” Another comment was from W A who said, “Food was very good. (Don’t eat a big meal before you go.)” Check out the other reviews at Trip Advisor.

Bliblical Times Dinner Theater - Dinner
Bliblical Times Dinner Theater – Dinner

I would have to agree with W A, don’t eat before you go. I didn’t eat before I went, and I ate all my meal and I was way stuffed.  Their meal they say is a 7 item feast of Biblical proportions. There was plenty of food given to us. Started off with a nice salad. They give you a little bit of dressing of your choice, personally, I use more dressing then they provided. Then you get your meal. I enjoyed everything on my plate and I am usually a picky eater.

Alan the theater manager says a lot of people compliment on the food as well. I did over here an audience member leaving saying he never ate so much of his life.

I had baked beans, pulled pork, roast beef, chicken tenders, red potatoes, a A cheddar cheese biscuit, and an orange slice. Plus for dessert a caramel cream cake. Served with unlimited Tea and Lemonade. I enjoyed all of my food. I even mentioned to my daughter I have not had a meal like this in ages.

Wait Staff

The wait staff is from the Ukraine and they are fast! Watch it or they may take your plate and you are not finished! The theater says they only use the best, fastest wait staff to help serve you. They wait staff even gets to do a special dance for you all on stage. Make sure you bring a tip and hand it to one of them. The meal, prepared at the Wood Grill, they are a restaurant next door to the theater.

You can also purchase coffee. The coffee goes to benefit the Smoky Mountain Children’s Home.

You can upgrade your standard theater seat to a cushioned, rocking, wider seat. Much more comfortable than their standard seating. I upgraded our tickets for this. We sat in the middle, 2nd row back. Sitting beside me was a couple from LaFollette, TN.

Show ends with a rapture like scene on the screen. Watch as the crowd disappears. See who gets left behind in the audience. When I saw that it made me go wow. It reminds me of the old movie Left Behind and also In the Blink of an Eye.

The production is completely Biblical based from the New King James Version of the Bible. It also incorporates the latest discoveries about the actual site of Moses’ Mountain of God.

Overall I enjoyed my visit to Biblical Times Dinner Theater. The staff I got to talk to was friendly and helpful. There was 2 ladies at the front they helped us. I forgot their names. The theater manager was helpful too.  We got to meet the production members after the show. They lined up and you were able to shake their hand as you exited the building. I know I would love to go and see the Christmas production begins in November.

One of them is the Trip Advisor quotes I saw. After the show was over they asked everyone to rate them on Trip Advisor. Interesting eh?

Not to mention, If you get a chance to go, then GO! Don’t forget you can buy a copy of the DVD of the actual production that you saw. If I had the extra money I would have purchased me one.

More Info

For more information visit their website at:

Added September 5, 2015. The Moses Mountain of God is now a Breakfast Show. Click the link above to see more details about what that involves.

Thanks to Biblical Times Dinner Theater for comping one ticket and discounting the other ticket for this review.

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