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Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – BYU Noteworthy

An all female A cappella female group, from BYU called Noteworthy as they sing a cover song for Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) #AmazingGrace #Noteworthy

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – BYU Noteworthy

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by BYU’s Noteworthy

Check out this amazing cover for the Song, Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) that was done by Chris Tomlin. Check out these ladies of BYU ‘s Noteworthy doing their cover for this song and singing it all A cappella. They do an amazing job as they sing by this river/creek.

BYU is for Brigham Young University. This newest a cappella group, Noteworthy, concist of 9 female singers. There all have powerful voices that harmonize with each other.1

A cappella is Italian for in the manner of chapel by singing in a group or solo without instrumental accompaniment. It also originally had its start in religious type music. 2

Members: 2015-2016 Members: Alyssa Aramaki Sarah Cunha Alyssa Flake Rachael Holt Allyssa Jex Janae Klumpp Jessica McKay Tressa Roberts Taylor Whitlock 2015-2016 Faculty Director: Keith Evans.3

I am not sure if those are the same members in the video, but that is the current list of members in this A cappella group, Noteworthy.

At the time of posting this YouTube video has nearly 2,607,300 views since October 13, 2015 of this year, so that many page views in 12 days at the time of posting this to Courageous Christian Father.

I believe these ladies do a great job harmonizing in this song.

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