60 Things To Do During A Quarantine


  1. Have a campfire and roast s’mores. (check with your local fire department or city for permits for fires).
  2. Cook a nice dinner and everyone dress up
  3. Have at home date night
  4. Do a Movie Night on the biggest screen you have, make popcorn, drinks, snacks, etc. Check out this DIY movie night idea!
  5. Repaint inside or outside of the house
  6. Rearrange furniture
  7. Order delivery (tip driver well!)
  8. Play with the pets (if available)
  9. Leave clues around the house for others to find and discover
  10. Read, Comment and Share Other people’s Blogs! (Like this one!)

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This list can go on and on. What are some other things we can do during a quarantine, safer at home, shelter-in-place or the such. Feel free to share in the comments below of things you did or we can do.

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