400 Writing Prompts Book

400 Writing Prompts Book – a book that has some writing prompts and areas to write in them. #400WritingPrompts #WritingPrompts #piccadillyinc

400 Writing Prompts Book

400 Writing Prompts Book - a book that has some writing prompts and areas to write in them. #400WritingPrompts #WritingPrompts
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English was my least favorite subject in High School and in College, yet here I am with a Christian Blog writing blog post. My grammar might not be the best, but none of us are perfect. Besides God uses the willing, not the able. Look at Mose, He used him to free people from bondage and Moses was a man of a type of speech impediment.

Anyways! I do like creative writing prompts. It gives me creative ways to write or even gives me blog post ideas. I don’t plan to write them down in the book, but use the writing prompts as blog post ideas to share with you, my readers.

I hope to be able to put a Christian twist on them too. You can almost use any writing prompt and turn it into that. (almost every).

We got the book at Got 5 Below. They had this one and another one that had 300 writing prompts. I choose the one with more for the same cost. If I complete this one, than I guess I might try that one.

If you want this book, the ISBN 978-1-62009-385-6. It is from Piccadillyinc.com. It covers those 400 writing prompts in 152 pages.

Do you use writing prompts for blog post ideas?

Feel free to share in the comments below. I have used some various websites and social media groups. Plus, I have shared a list of some on this blog too.

Amazon has the books (300 Writing Prompts & 400 Writing Prompts) for under $15,But Five Below has them both for $5. Just saying!

Oh yea the book says if you use online to use this hashtag #piccadillyinc for a chance to win prizes each month. No clue of the prizes they do. Also to tag them on their social media.

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